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Gear Review: Winner Outfitters Dog Seat Cover

It all started after our first camping adventure together with Riley

By: Kalli Hawkins + Save to a List

We took Jared's vehicle for our first adventure out since his move to Colorado, this past June. It was a good first introduction into life with Ry & I. Having Riley in my life for the past 7 years, I've grown accustomed to having everything I own covered in dirt and dog hair. I think I can speak for most dog owners that it just becomes part of your life that your house, clothes, and vehicle become embedded with mass amounts of hair. It wasn't long into our multi-day camping trip that Jared soon realized how dirty his pristine vehicle was getting. 

Since Riley was a puppy he has been along for all of my outdoor adventures and can sense when we are on a highway vs. a gravel backroad. His energy level goes through the roof as the tires hit the gravel road, knowing that there is an exciting adventure ahead. As a way to burn the copious amounts of energy Riley has, we decide to let him out to run a few miles behind the car multiple times throughout the day. Ry would then hop back in the vehicle covered in dirt or mud with his tongue hanging out - drooling everywhere and pawing at the door to let us know that he wants to keep running. Each time we did, I could see the anxiety building on Jared's face. 

It was on one particular slightly muddy backroad that we let Riley out to run again and after he started to slow down and nearly about to trip over his own tongue -we stopped to let him back in the vehicle. However, when I hopped out to open the door for him and tell him to get in the backseat, he stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me and then looked at the flowing creek in the ditch next to us and deviously back at me. I knew instantly what he was thinking, I yelled out "Riley, come here" and without hesitation, he took off straight to the creek and plopped his entire body down into the water. 

As per usual in moments of mishaps, I start laughing. I don't even have to turn around to know that Jared was watching this whole thing in the rearview mirror with a look of agony. As Riley gets out of the creek and makes his way back towards the vehicle, I hear Jared say, "You have to dry him off before he gets back in the car". Still chuckling but trying to keep it together to not make matters worse I grab a blanket out of the back and start drying Riley off. With a dirty but semi-dry Ry in the backseat, we head off silently on the road again.

The first thing I did when we got back home after our trip was purchase a Dog Seat Cover for Jared's vehicle. I had it gift wrapped, wrote him an apologetic note and had it immediately shipped to his place. I knew that there might not be another camping trip without one. 

We have been using the Winner Outfitters Dog Seat Cover for the past 6 months now and it truly has been a lifesaver. It's durable, yet lightweight, and does an excellent job with water-resistance for those moments when Riley is wet or has decided to take a swim in the creek. The buckles are well-made and are easy to clasp around each headrest. The feature we love most about the dog seat cover is the flexibility of it - depending on what activity we are doing or how much gear we have in the car we can use it just as a cover for the backseat or we can clasp all 4 buckles and create a hammock. The benefits of the hammock are great when we have a lot of gear to store behind the front seats and we don't want Riley getting everything dirty or wet. It also is beneficial to keep him in the backseat and inhibit him from creeping up to the front - sometimes he likes to stand on top of the center console and look out the front windshield. 

I was originally nervous that I would have to spend upwards of $75-100 to get a good quality dog seat cover, however the price point on the Winner Outfitters Dog Seat Cover is very affordable at $30. I did spend a couple days doing research and combing through reviews on dog seat covers from a variety of different price ranges. I truly couldn't be happier with my decision and after 6 months of camping, hiking, and daily adventure trips there hasn't been a single tear in the fabric or argument over how dirty the dog is.  

Photos Below:

  Hammock feature Up-close look at stitching and straps Straps clasped around headrests    Handles on seat cover to hold in place 

Riley with seat cover 

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