Kaleigh Hoyle

lower your expectations

Backpacked this 9/26/15 - Overnight hike The steep forest switchbacks are quite mundane as no viewpoints to soak in some nature goodness . At least I was in good company to keep me entertained.... trail was busy and had to stop every 5-10mins to let people pass or the let us by , every person we passed said we HAD to push on pass the basin to see foggy lake (which was our game plan anyway) . The basin was beautiful and my partner mentioned how much it reminded him of New Zealand .... we didn't stip to soak it in much because we were too excited to see the mentioned "amazingness" of Foggy Lake . After following cairn after cairn up rocks and Boulder faces , and after a smaller tease lake , we found Foggy Lake . We were taken aback, not by its overwhelming beauty but by the fact that we didn't find it spectacular . We both looked at each other and asked "This is it?" We even shouted across the lake by Del Campo peak to ask the yonder group of it was in fact Foggy Lake . When it was confirmed , we took a minute to get over our nature snobbery and set up camp . Wish we would have headed back down and camped in the basin. Anyway , I give it four or of five stars because it's a good challenging PNW hike to check off your list , other than that there really wasn't anything grand about it .