Justin Ritucci

I like to explore.

This was definitely my favorite place in Iceland to photograph during my road trip. The location is unreal and feels like you are on another planet, even though it is just a couple feet off of the Ring Road. I had a blast shooting on the ice beach and I was lucky enough to spot some seals in the lagoon. This spot definitely attracts a lot of people which is the only downside to it, but I would suggest trying to photograph it in the early morning to avoid most crowds and tour buses. I can imagine that he sunrises on the beach are amazing.

I had a lot of fun exploring the unique volcano formed landscape along the Londrangar basalt cliffs. The abstract rock formations on the rough coastline, make it an amazing place for any photographer.

Lower Yosemite Falls is a spectacular waterfall that really puts things in perspective. Unfortunately, when I visited it was during a dry season so the falls were not flowing to their full potential, but still amazing none the less. Definitely try to avoid the crowds, as they tend to flock to this area in mid day.

I camped at Blackwoods Campground and drove up in early in the morning for sunrise. I had arrived in the dark with only one other car in the summit parking lot. I was very surprised on how many more people showed up to see the show, within an hour of arriving the parking lot was full. The views are incredible from the top especially during the sunrise.

I loved visiting the Garden of the Gods on my trip to Colorado. The rock formations are like nothing that I have seen before and totally jaw dropping. I found myself just wandering off-trail and getting lost in the parks unique landscape for a majority of the visit. Be sure to check out the iconic Balanced Rock, like many of the rock formations it might not be here for too many years. The Garden of the Gods was an awesome experience.

Otter Point has some amazing scenery and crazy rock formations. It is definitely worth checking out. It is also the perfect place to take pictures of the milky way at night. From the parking lot it is about .4 miles to Otter Cliffs, and then it continues to the many other scenic points.

This is one of my favorite campgrounds in Moab. It is located perfectly on the river and so close to some amazing hiking. Negro Bill Canyon is absolutely worth checking out and hiking to the arch.

This is such an awesome hike loaded with amazing views of the high peaks. It can be very strenuous and requires a little bit of scrambling at some parts. Also make sure you don't miss the trail to Iroquois, because it is unmarked and considered a "herd path".

Try to go early in the morning to skip the crowds and also to catch the morning light beaming through the substantial trees. The Sequoias are truly amazing and really puts you in perspective. Totally worth checking out.

This is a very strenuous hike up with tons of amazing views on the way up and the best views are at the top, which makes the hike well worth it.