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I grew up idolizing those who blazed their own course, danced to their own beat, and rode into the sunset, two middle fingers a blazing, yet I followed the conventional path.

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Today, I am walking away. I do not know exactly how I arrived at this point. Life, they say, happens while you are planning, and in a blink of an eye, I have become someone that I do not know. I didn’t always dream of the corporate life. I didn’t always dream of business school. I didn’t always dream that success lay in the acquisition of objects. Yet here I am. A lot could be said on how I got here, and perhaps it is worth a brief aside.

I grew up with a genuine sense of curiosity that lead me outdoors. The same curiosity made me pursue a scientific course of study through high school. Physics, biology, and chemistry were my classes of choice and the only ones in which I actually opened the books for once I got home. To my family, success was very narrowly defined, it was college with a business degree and moving up in society. Following my families guidance did not put me in a bad spot, quite the contrary. I am earning more money per year than I can spend in multiple years, I have a great career trajectory, and I have lived in 4 countries. I am living the dream, if you care for that kind of stuff.

The problem with living the dream is, that unless it is your dream, it is a burden. So today, I am digging in deep and creating a new dream. I grew up hearing stories of driving across the country, camping in parks, climbing everything in sight. I gravitated towards these great American rights of passage, yet in the end, I shied away. I grew up idolizing those who blazed their own course, danced to their own beat, and rode into the sunset, two middle fingers a blazing, yet I followed the conventional path.

Today is a rebirth, so to say. One that can morph and distort from my dream, yet one that is distinctly mine. I woke up today a free man, beholden to no one’s judgement. The pay checks have stopped, what is in the bank will dwindle, and that is the dream. To journey through life, acquiring experiences and hardships that I have been sheltered from. I am breaking from the mold to live life on the edge of the imaginable and to live with a passion so bright, it is contagious. 

What will I learn? What will I see? The journey is open to interpretation, there is room to grow, there are endless possibilities. What I am today will continue for perpetuity and will cease to exist all at once. What I will be tomorrow is the answer to the question of why I am embarking on this journey. I will take back some of the freedoms that I have allowed society to steal from me. I will release myself from some of the anger and prejudice that I have held. I will chase my passions to the end of the earth, and then come back, broken, bleeding, and beaming with pride, for my soul will be fulfilled.

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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