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Jennifer Heifferon

So cool and right in our backyard. Definitely a great photo op and recommend it to everyone.

One of my favorite runs on the Peninsula. A tough short run either way you go with the hills. It can get toasty in the sun, so bring a hat and slather on the sunscreen. No bathrooms so make sure you go before you run. Great views of the surrounding area. Definitely check it out.

Went with our little guy as his first foray into camping. It was amazing and a perfect overnight trip! The yurts are clean and brand new. They come furnished with a twin bed, two cots, and a table with bench. They're big enough for a travel crib and have a locking door with window. The campsites are trail accessible and close to wineries if you want to take advantage for a day trip. It was a bit cold at night when we went (in February), but we'll definitely be back late spring/early summer!

Just did this last weekend and I loved it! If you're itching to get outside but don't have a whole lot of time, this is a perfect hike. It's super mellow and you can easily take in the sunset for your outdoors fix then head back. There are bathrooms along the way and this trail connects to many other trails if you're looking for a larger adventure to Rodeo or Muir Beach. Tip for families and moms - it's stroller friendly (really wide trail) so grab the running stroller and go for a scenic jog... Or just load the stroller up with beers and beach supplies for an all day outing.

Make sure you check the calendar as the Tourist Club is only open to the public (non-members) certain days/times. If you're planning to go - head out early and enjoy a picnic with beer. There is limited space for entrance and seating, so going early has its rewards. Bring food in - there are only a couple options (chips, beef jerky). This is a really chill, fun weekend destination!

Bring your dog so he/she can high five the dog prints too!

Amazing workout if you're looking for a quick, intense cardio session. Avoid the weekends midday if possible - early morning or late afternoon/evening is your best bet to avoid tourists and traffic on the stairs. Parking is easy on the street at either the top or bottom of the stairs. Bring a yoga mat for some abs to break up the stair repeats and don't forget your water bottle!

It can get windy on the cliffs, so check the weather beforehand and bring a sweatshirt/jacket! It's really not a hike - more of a trail walk, but there is a section with a lot of stairs so be prepared for that. There's a little store/cafe at the Point Lobos start to the trail which can be a fun beginning or end to the hike. Starting from the parking lot and ending up in Seacliff looking at the ridiculous mansions can be fun.