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Joy Schmidt

Hike was beautiful & challenging enough for me! It was the highlight of our trip to the area. We couldn't get enough of the 360-degree views. It was very windy & cold at the top - so be more prepared than I was for that!

We climbed around the rocks to the base of the falls for a better view & some great photos!

Really short, but steep path down to the falls - they were beautiful & we enjoyed climbing down through the area & exploring around the rocks

It was chilly when we went (and the water was freezing cold), so we didn't really get in, even though we wanted to. We enjoyed hanging out around the falls & climbing all around them. Really cool!

I hiked down Bright Angel (to one of the resthouses) and back up one morning. I started in the dark and as the sun rose, the canyon flooded with light. Every twist and turn gave me a different view. As with any view inside the park, the way the light changes the colors is magical.

Go in with the expectation that it will be crowded & busy - then enjoy it!

It was raining badly when we went to Sequoia NP. We almost didn't go up Morro Rock, but were glad we did. We had a great time & the view at the top was incredible - my first peek at the Sierras.. And they were so different than any mountains I'd seen. Breathtaking.

The trail was really nice. We actually saw a few bears on our way back up the trail. I'm rather afraid of heights, which I became increasingly aware of during my trip to Yosemite. I did eventually make it out to the point to look out at the valley. In all honesty, there are so many lookouts from Glacier Point's Road that this trail isn't necessary for a great view- but it is a different view than you will get in any other place in the park. What's cool is that the rock used to be connected to El Capitan, which is now across the valley.

So glad we did this when we were in Yosemite. I am afraid of heights and it is certainly a little unnerving. I got to the stairs that run beside Vernal Falls before I literally couldn't breathe anymore due to fear. The water was rushing & covering the stairs in mist. Without a railing on the stairs, I felt very nervous & unstable. That said, getting to that point was exceptional and absolutely gorgeous. Wish I could have made it to Vernal Falls!

Tenaya Lake is so quiet and beautiful. I felt like I was on top of the world in the high sierra.

I went camping here with my family several times growing up. Great memories climbing behind the waterfall around the rocks.

I do the stairs here once every fall. The leaves are beautiful. The trail is perfect for crisp afternoon.