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Josie C

I am a photographer and videographer based in Vancouver, BC. An adventurer at heart, I find inspiration in capturing the beauty of the West Coast and sharing my stories on my blog, www.AdventuresInFlannel.com. I also like hockey, cake and manatees.

Today, I made it down to Wreck Beach since graduating from UBC a few years ago. I forgot how great the sunsets are! Even though today was pretty overcast. Glad we got a break from the rain though! My dog also had a great time running around on the sand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aZVGcft17k

I love Lynn Valley! It's so accessible, so I can take friends that aren't into hiking long distances. It's great year round. I love the mysteriousness of fog during the rainy season (which is most of the year in Vancouver). And when gets warm enough in the summer, there are a couple of swimming holes to jump in! The only down-side is that it gets pretty packed in the summer. The price to pay for accessibility.

Thanks for the share! This looks like an amazing car camping spot.

Thanks for the share! I'm always looking for new swimming holes in the summer.

We decided to stop by and check on the train wreck on a whim, after we stayed overnight near Parkhurst Ghost Town. It's pretty amazing to think that the trains derailed with so much force as the wreckage was pretty far away from the tracks. Last time I was there was before the bridge was put in. I'd like to check it out again when there's snow. I think it would make for a way cooler experience.

The first time I had the experience of seeing the Indian Arm from sea level when my boyfriend won an auction for a kayak outing from a outdoor company. It was such a cool experience to paddle around and explore! Since then, I've added Granite Falls on my camping list. Do you by any chance have any suggestions on where to park a car and launch the boat? Thanks!

Such a scenic hike! I've camped here a few times and it would be one of my favourites if it wasn't always so packed with people. Where did you set up your tent? I don't recognize that spot. Looks like a beauty!

Thanks for the share! I've only been to The Lions through the Howe Sound Crest Trail, and it was one of the most amazing camping trips for me. It was a dry August long weekend and we had to pack LOTS of water. Although the dryness allowed us to sleep between the two peaks without the fly on our tent :) Photos here: http://adventuresinflannel.com/camping-on-the-lions/