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The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark. - John Muir


over 2 years ago


The Alvord Desert is a magical, beautiful, desolate place, and far off the beaten path and well worth visiting, just be sure to leave no trace and pack out what you pack in.


over 2 years ago

Alien and surreal

One of the most drop-dead alien and surreal landscapes I have ever visited. A total delight to explore and camp at!


Nothing like bombing around the front-range overlooking Horsetooth and Fort Collins. A must-do in winter.


Just did this. Again. It ruled.

Really Big Trees

There are trees. Really big trees. Magical trees. Mind blowing trees. Enchanting trees. Trees you should absolutely see before you die.


I’m not typically a fan of official campsites, but boy is this place magical. How can you beat camping beneath the tallest trees in the world? You can’t, really.


Really, this is one of the world's iconic hikes and should not be missed if you are anywhere near Bryce. The light, the light, the light.

Middle Earth

It's impossible to describe how otherworldly this trail and waterfall is in the middle of winter. Everything feels like Fanghorn Forest right out of Middle Earth.


almost 4 years ago

Time to get cold!

Did this in March. What a blast. Lots of fun glissading on the way down.

Iconic, unforgettable

This is one of the world's great scenic drives and isn't to be missed. Get there before sunrise and skip the crowds. Simply breathtaking.


I grew up swimming near here. Lots of epic swimming holes up and down the Yuba River and this is a great starting spot.

The Enchanted Forest

Shhh... don't tell anyone about this. It's magical for trail running, especially after a rain and in the fog.

Just Magic

Killer adventure, Connor. Let me know if you want some more photos for it :)


almost 4 years ago

It's not a lake, it's a reservoir

"Lake" Powell is an abomination; a stain on the Colorado Plateau and a human-inflicted wound on the Colorado River.

Top 5 Sunset

I'm leaving this review after having just witnessed one of the finest sunsets I've ever seen. This place is magic and empty. Now to find a good hike...


over 4 years ago

A Fort Collins Classic

It's basically *the* iconic Fort Collins Hike; it can definitely get packed on the weekends from the main TH, but if you're willing to do a longer hike *and* go during the week you can even find some solitude.


over 4 years ago

Winter is the Best

If you can time it right or you have microspikes and the right gear, going in mid-week in the winter is a great way to beat the crowds and even experience a little solitude. Definitely one of the best hikes in the world.


almost 5 years ago

Yep, incredible anytime of year

Just camped here last night, and boy oh boy, is it magic. There's numerous campsites all along the road to the top, and each gives an amazing view. Careful in winter, as snow can make the road treacherous without chains and 4WD.


about 5 years ago


So good! It's definitely a march to the summit, but seeing the pyramid in the clouds on the western side was incredible!


over 5 years ago

Gorgeous, Serene

A wonderful experience at sunrise. Perhaps the finest view on the shores of Lake Tahoe other than Emerald Bay.


over 5 years ago


Quite possibly the best car campsite in the Lower 48 states, though I'm open to any suggestions on what places are better!


Did it this morning to get away from the rains in Arthur's Pass. Absolutely beautiful.


almost 6 years ago


Such great surfing and exploring, and the Wickaninnish Inn is ridiculously beautiful (and expensive).

Fantastic trail run with epic views

Best view in the San Juans!