Josh Anderson

21 | bike | board | climb | insta and snap @joshy_blue

favorite hike in Utah county, incredible view, sweet location

sweet little spelunking adventure with one heck of a view

Pretty yes but you drive for a while even just from Heber and there's only so much walking around you can do. A nice place to go with your grandmother

Beautiful views from the top of the routes, wow

Mild hike for the family, find something cooler

Whoa! So cool to see the ice breaking and cracking up into a rim all the way around the lake

Absolutely beautiful but find the route up to the abandoned restaurant. It's a real treat

Tons of wind. Fun place for night games

Awesome tunnels to find in the cliffs. Stellar playground for running around having a good time

A very mild hike but an absolute must.

Ski off the back of Park City starting at the top of McConkey's lift. Ski down the run towards the west and dip off to the right under the ropes. All the way down to the road and ride the road all the way down the canyon towards Midway. A couple spots require poles or unstrapping if you're on a board. It's an easy run, imagine homerun just twice as long. Don't hop into the private hotsprings at the base of the canyon. The trespassing ticket is $600+ and cops constantly patrol around the property.