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Joshua Owens

Closed due to Fish Canyon Fire

This is a good hike for any day. There is shade throughout the entire trail. Not too crowded and the trail is marked so you know exactly where you’re going. If you park on the street it’s completely free and you get almost 5 miles total. You can also drive up to the parking lot for $5 or $6 dollars depending on if the parking is full or not (It’s only a 2 mile hike from the parking lot). I took my husky and she loved it. My girlfriend and I take her on most hikes but this one she seemed the most comfortable with. There is plenty of space to share with people going both ways. We were about 5 feet away from a deer and went right past it almost missing it. Overall it was a good time getting out with the family. Always be sure to bring water and maybe a little snack to eat when you get to the waterfall.