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"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." - Albert Einstein

My wife and I loved Boardtree Falls so much that we didn't even continue to Greeter Falls. We just relaxed there for a few hours.

My wife and I backpacked the majority of Savage Gulf this past week, and Savage Falls was our favorite.

The trails were pretty eroded when we went, making you navigate exposed boulder fields at various sections of the trail. Not an easy hike, but still a fun one. My wife and I preferred Horsepound Falls over Suter Falls.

The water here was so pretty, and there are a lot of sunken wrecks to see that will keep you entertained for many visits. It can get cold though below 40-50 feet, so bring a thick wetsuit or a drysuit.

"Miss Louise" is a fun little place to dive for a few hours, especially for macro photographers. The abundant marine life will keep you entertained for awhile.

We just spent six days here, five of which we camped at the top of Twin Falls. Then we hiked up to Sandstone Castles. So much to explore here. My only complaint is it can be hard to stay on the trail. At times, it seems to disappear on you.

The hike to the top of Twin Falls was so strenuous that we ended up camping there and hiking to Sandstone Castles for the day rather than camping there for the week like we originally planned. I want to go back and camp in the caves for a few days next time. It is a very steep trail, so don't bring too much weight like we did and you will thank yourself for it.

The hike was pretty strenuous for us. There were several spots where the trail seemed to disappear and we had to bushwhack our way along the river or cross over to the other side. The hardest part was the climb from the bottom of Twin Falls to the top of the falls. But it was all worth it for one of the best camping sites I've ever stayed at.

It was an amazing experience to swim with the manatees, but it can be hard to find a spot to yourself. There were a ton of people there being loud and scaring the manatees off with their excitement. That being said, the trip is a must if you are in Florida.

Living in South Mississippi, I usually drive to northern Alabama to climb, but after being introduced to Jamestown Crag by a climbing friend of mine, it is worth the extra two hour drive to go to Arkansas.

Having never been wreck diving, I didn't know what to expect. I was greeted by numerous amounts of aquatic life, using the wreck as an artificial reef. Very exciting!

This was the best travel decision that I have ever made, and I am grateful that at that time I could afford such an opportunity.

Fun cliff jumping if you are a good swimmer.

It was hard, but it was an awesome experience to jump in the water at the bottom of the falls and have the water rush you out.

There were surprisingly little people here. The hike really offers a feeling of solitude. It almost feels like you are on another planet... Endor maybe ;P

The trip was really fun. I wish I had more time in the area to do the multi-day trip through rougher rapids.

Pictures don't do it justice. The color of the water just doesn't look real. It looks Photoshopped.

I wish I could just move here and relax all of the time! Wake up to the sun, and go for a swim, eat the freshest fruit and seafood in the world, sip on some tropical cocktails... that's the life.

I went on a one-day driving safari. The ride was bumpy, but it was worth it to see all of those cool monkeys.

It was a nice change to the rest of the trail. After awhile, the AT starts to look the same, but I enjoyed it.

The hike down was much easier than the hike up, but it was nice to just be in nature and unwind.

Hard on the knees, so bring some ibuprofen. Otherwise, it was amazing.

Springer Mountain was the starting line of my AT hike through Georgia.

Absolutely gorgeous! I just wanted to jump in and play.