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7 Photos That Will Make You Want To Go SCUBA Diving In This Natural Spring

Haven't you ever wanted to be able to breath underwater and swim with the fish?

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Vortex Spring is a diving mecca on the Gulf Coast. This beautiful, natural spring pumps out 28 million gallons of "gin" clear water a day and is easily accessible by road. The spring basin is open to both SCUBA and free divers, provided they pay the daily fees for use. The fees range from $8-20 per day, depending on whether you are swimming, snorkeling, free diving, or SCUBA diving. The spring basin is 50 feet deep at the mouth of the cavern. The cave system below extends to a depth of 115 feet and can be enjoyed if you are a certified cave diver. The spring is home to several species of marine life: Koi, Gar, Catfish, American Eels, Redhorse Suckers, Blue Gill, and Bass to name a few. For more information, visit: http://www.vortexspring.com.

Here are 7 photos to persuade you to check the out Vortex Spring...

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