Jordon Conway

Scenic from Start to Finish

The entire park provides spectacular views of Mount Robson and the surrounding Rockies. Our group varied in fitness levels and we did the return hike to Berg Lake over the course of three days. The first night we stayed at the Emperor Falls Campground and the second at Berg Lake Campground, hiking all the way out on the third day. This was a perfect way to spread out the hike as a group with different comfort levels and left plenty of time to stop at viewpoints and explore the Berg lake area including Toboggan Falls and the Mum Basin Cave. I have nothing but excellent things to say about this park and will definitely be returning!

Lengthy Trek With Rewarding Views

With a large portion of the hike through dense forests the reward of reaching the many falls and Monkman lake is that much sweeter! Our group camped at Shire falls which I would definitely recommend as the site provides an excellent view of the falls. Monkman lake also had very scenic sites.

Terrific Views of the Villages and Sea

We were based out of Vernazza and really enjoyed the hike to Monterosso, very scenic and taking a dip in the sea on arrival is so rewarding! We also hiked to Corniglia, however the trail was closed beyond that point due to rockslides. Terrific views overlooking Vernazza on the return trip however.

Excellent Hike for a Half Day or Summer Evening

Teapot Mountain is an enjoyable hike with very rewarding views considering the short length of trail (Though quite steep). Being a short distance from Prince George it can easily be done in a half day or a summer's evening which offers spectacular sunset views.

Great Hike Close To Prince George

Fort George Canyon is an enjoyable hike relatively close to PG (approx 45 min drive). The paddle wheels which once traversed the canyon make for an interesting history and there are interpretive signs near the riverbank. This hike is best done when the river is low (Late Summer-Fall) and there is more shoreline/canyon rock exposed.

Nature meets Ancient Architecture

A must see temple within Angkor and prime example of nature's ability to flourish as vegetation is intertwined with these marvellous ancient ruins. Situated within the Cambodian Jungle the setting is quiet unique in comparison to the other ruins of Angkor we had explored. We went at a fairly peak hour and found Ta Prohm to be far less busy than Angkor Wat or Bayon and DEFINITELY worth the trek!

Scenic valley with stunning views!

Did an overnighter at the second lake campsites in 2015 for Canada Day and would absolutely recommend this hike. The lakes, waterfalls and surrounding peaks are all extremely photogenic and found it to be far less busy than most Jasper excursions. Luckily the weather was good during our time there and slippery conditions weren't something we had to contend with. The trail length can be a tad deceiving with the steep portions of trail and boulders one must navigate. It is a fairly challenging hike, however reach the campsite and reap the rewards of the mountainous valley and seemingly infinite second lake as it feeds into a cascading waterfall!