Best way to see the Taipei skyline

Elephant Mountain offers a quick nature escape from the city with some of the best views of the Taipei skyline and particularly the impressive Taipei 101 (formerly the tallest building in the world). This is a great short hike but you can also connect to a larger network of trails if you want to make it a day trip. When we did this hike in January, the skies were unusually hazy which just makes me want to go back the next time I'm in Taiwan when it's better weather (and after seeing this post, I'd love to go at night!). If you're visiting Taipei, you should add this quick hike to the bucket list.

Great day trip

This is a really cool spot for a quick day hike. We hiked around Pilot Mountain for a few hours. The Jomeokee Trail has some really nice overlooks and great views of the impressive cliffs. We passed a few rock climbers, and also enjoyed watching hawks riding the wind above the cliff tops. Climbing and camping are available within the state park with permits.

A favorite spot at Oak Mountain State Park

If you're visiting Oak Mountain State Park, a quick hike to see Peavine Falls is definitely worth it. From the South Trailhead, you can reach the falls in a half mile. From trailhead to the top of the falls the trail is wide, with a very moderate descent. Getting down to the base of the falls, the trail is steeper but still very doable for most families. As described, the falls is often just a trickle, but I have very rarely seen it completely dried up. To find it looking like the photos above you'll need to plan your trip after heavy rains. Even when the falls have a small amount of water, the pool and creek at its base are a great place to relax. If you want to add a bit more hiking than going directly to the falls and back, you can take the Green trail from Peavine Falls parking lot. Connect to the White trail, turning back towards Peavine Falls, and you'll eventually intersect the Blue trail at the top of the falls.