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The cost to go to Martillo Island is now $165. Pira Tour now drives you from Ushuaia. Still a great experience.

Be sure to check the tide schedule and go at low tide to explore the tidal pools. You can check this online or at the visitor center in Port Angeles.

Sorry you could not find your way. I asked staff to load a few more pictures, one of the kiosk sign where you should have parked and another showing the narrow wash to turn up. It goes through the notch on the horizon. Walking up the trail about 3/4 of a mile it will appear that the trail turns right and enters this rocky wash. Once you exit, the slick rock opens up and there are tracks right at the mouth of the wash. When the mountain bike trail turns left and leave the slick rock, stay straight on the slick rock to see the second set of tracks. When I go again I will be sure to mark coordinates. The visitor center in Moab also has some details and by now, may have coordinates.

I have climbed/attempted eight times so far. Each was a great experience. Every time I use Servimont, even before they were known as Servimont. They are owned and operated by the Reyes family out of their family's old soap factory. Awesome place. The Reyes' provided me with dinner before and after my climb, transportation to and from Piedra Grande hut and any logistical support to arrive. But above all else, I used them because of what I witnessed my first visit. I had just arrived when I learned that the owners, Gerardo and Francisco Reyes had organized a search party to find a German climber who had slid down the glacier nearly 1000 feet and was seriously injured. They found him and brought him back. By the way, Gerardo is a medical doctor. Can't ask for more than that. The easy access makes altitude sickness a likely occurrence and I've seen two cases of pulmonary edema, both were inexperienced climbers above 16,000. Know the signs and symptoms and what to do if this happens! Also, Piedra Grande hut is a bunk house. It can be loud and there are plenty of mice scurrying about. My last two climbs I opted for sleeping outside! There is a water source (natural spring) down a short trail across for the hut. Camps above that you will have to melt snow.

I hike many trails in Bear Mountain S.P. and Harriman S.P. every year. This is one of my favorites. Their is free parking all along route 202 and a trail head along route 6. No reason to park at the Bear Mountain entrance. Very important to pick up the NY/NJ Trail Conference Map for these two parks.

Hope to return summer or fall. View is great, even in winter.

Totally worth the admission price. I was skeptical at first. Glad I ventured in. Much bigger than I thought it was.

I did this loop last summer in the same direction. Total solitude but I nearly ran out of water! Double the amount you think you need.

Another trail best done early morning. I made it to Deer lake by 8:30am. Not a sole around and spotted a deer and fawn on the opposite side of the lake.

Go early in the morning, around 7am. The area could get crowded afterward and its harder to get photos without someone standing in the way. I hiked all the trail here starting out at 7am and didn't see anyone until I was hiking out at the end.

I hiked this late one afternoon. I didn't see anyone the entire way. Great time

This is a great hike. Parking at the West Trapps parking lot will require a $12 hiking permit per person! However, you can drive further up 44/55 (5 minutes) to Lake Minnewaska State Park and pay $10 per car. A great savings if you are hiking with several friends. Arrive very early in peak seasons. These parking areas fill up fast!

Great little trail as an out and back. This is very popular with the tour buses. They leave their group on one end and wait for them on the other. Can be crowded.

Dunya Restaurant at the Yak Hotel or House of Shambhala Restaurant are two great places for Momo's and a beer.

The Red Rocks day pass is only $5. There is a kiosk at the trailhead or you can purchase one at the ranger station in Oak Creek. This pass will allow you to park at any trailhead for the day in Coconino National Forest. The week pass is $15 and the Annual pass is $20 (2016 prices).

A little more difficult after rain. There is a slick rock ramp that gets covered with sand people leave behind hiking. The last step here is tricky. There is also a large pothole usually filled with water. Avoid the logs that may be in it for cross. Pass it high on the right (hiking clockwise direction).



On my first visit to the roost 15 years ago, I found a small tin box. Inside was a small bag a weed and a note to enjoy! I didn't partake but left a Cliff bar for those that may have gotten the munchies, lol.

I was pleasantly surprised with the little bit of exposure on the way to the canyon. I hike I will definitely do again!

Love this hike! Have done this during the the day and at night. Set aside some extra time for a side trip out and back to Hidden Canyon. A good introduction before dealing with the chains on Angels Landing.

This location has an official trail head now called The Toadstool. Informative signs describing route and geology are now present. Route is .8 miles to the first large Toadstool. Several social trail travel to the left when walk past this large formation. Explore but be careful. The edges of this Entrada Sandstone is fragile and often breaks away.

If you are purchasing a 3 day pass, go early and purchase the pass. They open at 5am. But by the time you get your pass, and go to Angkor Wat, it's already packed with people. Instead, go to Bayon the first sunrise and watch the faces light up. Save Angkor Wat for the second day and plan to be at Angkor Wat before 5am (even though they technically are not open until 5am). The most popular spot is the pond in front of the temple on the left. Arriving just before 5am will get you a prime spot.

Many people avoid entering Peek-A-Boo slot canyon because of the daunting 15 foot vertical wall that must be climbed to get into the slot, or water in front of of the wall. Rightly so! With no rock climbing experience, this can be a frightening and dangerous venture. My last trip I found a solution to avoid the wall! Facing the wall, look to the left. There is a sand dune that runs along the side of the wall. You will see an unmarked social trail ascending the sand dune and appears to wander away from the slot. Continue following this social trail until you are at a high point and can see a trail leading back toward the direction of the slot canyon. The trail is marked with cairns above the sand dune. This will lead directly back to the slot at a point that is easily down climbed. Once in the slot you can explore to the right which leads back to the wall you by-passed. That direction has several potholes, usually filled with water and several small arches stretching over the slot. To the left, the slot is easier with hardly any climbing and not very deep. You eventually exit the slot after a short distance.