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Photographer and Adventurer based in Whistler, British Columbia

Stunning Bridge - Be weary of trespassing

There is no doubt this bridge is very photogenic. There are lots of beautiful vantage points, and the lights along the span at night can create some very cool shots. It is worth noting that the North End of the bridge is built on private property, so you will be trespassing to get the shot.

Favourite Spot for sure!

One of my favourite spots to go. Always in "down time" when it isn't as busy! Crowds can get to be a little much here, so try to go on a weekday morning if possible!


about 5 years ago

Probably the best hike in Vancouver

Also one of the most difficult, but worth every step! We took the skyride up and hiked in that way. Not sure it was any easier that way, but it certainly was amazing! Bring your camera! And go on a clear day!