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John Clairmont

I have a passion for outdoor adventuring, and I love taking opportunities to encourage others to go explore.

Came here for a long day of hiking a biking! We did one of the two Trail 8 Loops and checked out Hesitation Point. Super nice park, but the Point wasn't too much to brag about.

Came here with my wife's family to hike and mountain bike. After a log day we decided to add this hike on and extend it a bit more. The lake wasn't too impressive, but the hike was fairly nice! We did not do the full 9.4 miles, we only did about 4-6 miles (the whole bottom loop and the bit down towards the lake).

I spent a few days hiking the best trails in Rocky Mountain National Park in the US before coming to Italy, and this hike blew everything away. This was and still is my favorite hike of all time. At any given moment along the way there are spectacular views. When I returned from my trip I found I had a hard time narrowing down the hundreds of photos I took to a more manageable amount to show people in a timely manner. Almost every picture was calendar worthy. If you travel to Italy this MUST be on your list to do. Make the time to drive up to the Dolomites, and while you're at it add on some of the more popular alpine lakes around here! You will not regret exploring Tre Cime!

This was our favorite hike during our trip to RMNP. We arrived to the trailhead early enough that the hike up to Sky Pond was generally clear, but the hike back down was pretty crowded. Note, when you arrive at the "top" make sure you are actually at Sky Pond and not just at the Lake of Glass! Sky Pond is just a bit further up the trail from Lake of Glass. Its a bit over 9 miles long round trip and by the end we were all quite exhausted, but my wife and I at least had the excuse of being out of shape and still adjusting to the elevation. We'll for sure come back some day!

This trail is short and easy, but provides spectacular photo opportunities! My wife and I got to the parking lot about an hour and a half before sunrise and the lot already had many people. They must've been at Bear Lake or just sitting in their cars keeping warm because we were the first up to Dream Lake that day! We had plenty of time to set up cameras and take timelapse photos of the sunrise. Just wish we had gotten there slightly earlier, we could have also seen the moon set (though you can see the light from it setting in one of my pictures). Anyways, I highly recommend this trail all the way up to Emerald Lake if you're in the Park!

Stopped here to enjoy lunch on our way up to Sky Pond. The trail is incredible and I highly recommend going all the way up! Plan to spend most of a day doing so, however, it is over 9 miles round trip.

My wife and I parked at the Bear Lake trailhead an hour and a half before sunrise on a Friday morning, and the lot was already about 20% full. We were the first up to Dream Lake, however, and set up camera equipment and stayed there til an hour after sunrise. We continued on to Emerald Lake afterwards and spent a couple hours up there enjoying the views and documenting our trip. Worth the hike, even with the crowds!

My wife and I added this to an already packed day of hiking simply because it was so easy to get to on our way back from a sunrise hike to Dream Lake and Emerald Lake. If you head up this way in RMNP, go check out this lake!

...but we happened to go this past summer while the wildfires were raging nearby, so it wasn't as great as it could have been. Often overcast and smoky, though we were able to get a few decent pictures around dusk.

Came here for a day while on vacation with my family as a kid. I remember all the "wild" horses hanging out in the parking lot by the beach, waiting to see if anyone would feed them. Not the most impressive lighthouse or location, but the structure was in good condition at the time.

I came here with my family a few times as a kid and remembered enjoying the waterfalls! By the pictures, it looks like it is still worth the visit! Glad to see it was added to The Outbound.

My wife and I hiked the trail and decided to make it last a bit longer by taking our portable kayak out and paddling around the inlet. It was a beautiful day for hiking and paddling, though it was a bit toasty. I've been to this park many times and never knew this path or lake access point existed! We will definitely return in the future to launch from this spot, possibly to paddle out around the lake next time.

Nice city, I like how it is tucked between the mountain ridges and rivers. My personal favorite spot is to ride the Duquesne Incline and take pictures from up there.

Nice crushed, packed gravel trail. Wide enough to pass people, and pet friendly. The dog park at the beginning was a good highlight for my wife and I, we spent several minutes at the fence watching a dozen dogs playing.

Sadly, not much good to say about this one. Parking lot was a disaster, barely any spots to begin with and it is tucked right next to a highway. No additional parking nearby. The "falls" that supposedly usually spray mist all over the boardwalk railing were beyond dried up. Probably need to be here after or during a heavy rainstorm to get any pictures worthwhile. We thought maybe we could get good pictures of the river from under the bridge, but that's where a homeless person set up camp and we felt weird about attempting to walk through his tent empire. Not a very great area overall, trash everywhere. The best I can recall is the unique teal water pooled by the cliffs.

The falls are okay, but it will probably be a once and done trip for my wife and I. Nothing to gawk over, and the trails all around weren't that great. Seemed like a dirt path through underbrush. Also, this place was packed with people climbing all over, had to wait a minute just to get a good picture of the falls. Parking was tough as well. Can't imagine spending over 20 minutes here...

The trail is paved and marked, makes for a good running spot if you enjoy running on pavement but don't enjoy getting hit by cars. My wife and I stopped by the park intending to walk on the trail for a bit but we soon got distracted by the Challenge course in the main parking lot. It wasn't a tough choice to skip additional jogging time in favor of navigating obstacles as if we were on American Ninja Warrior!

First stop of a few in Columbus for my wife and I. We both agreed it would be a nice running trail, though it isn't a loop. Saw lots of wildlife and not very many people!

Grew up not far from here and loved walking/running along the canal! I also used to geocache in this area, which is very saturated with caches!

Stopped by the Lake on my way to Detroit a few years ago. Unfortunately, the area we were in (near Luna Pier, just north of Toledo) was pretty trashed which is a shame. Got a few photos and left, but none were spectacular. I'm sure other areas are much more beautiful, though, just never returned to find them.

Grew up nearby and used to come to Peace Valley Park all the time. Tons to do all around, besides photographing the lavender fields they've also got a bird watching area, trails around the lake, and kayak rentals.

Visited here a few years ago and really loved the park. We biked around most of the afternoon but then spent a few hours running and walking the trails. Most were definitely well cared for, although I recall one of the trails being quite muddy. I'd definitely recommend this place for anyone in the Columbus area!

Although the park was closed when we arrived (presumably due to Covid, despite the website stating it had reopened) we were able to see some pretty nice views in the area. We walked up next to the park and got a couple pictures of the huge gated entrance and the park itself. It was tempting to hop the wall and go explore the park, but alas common sense and a healthy fear of being arrested for trespassing sturdied our judgement. This was one of the last stops on the road trip from Ohio to Georgia that my wife and I took.

Beautiful bridge, super fun to walk over. You can get a wide variety of pictures here, and it was a favorite for my wife and I along our road trip from Ohio to Georgia. We had to pay for parking at a nearby public parking area, but it was pretty cheap as we did not stay long.