John Clairmont

I have a passion for outdoor adventuring, and I love taking opportunities to encourage others to go explore.

Birdwatch at Peace Valley Park

Run Across the Grand River

4 mi

Swim at Holland State Park


Walk the Pier at Silver Beach


Discover the Complete History of US Aviation

Hike the AT to Culvers Lookout Tower

3.2 mi

Hike Deer Mountain

6.0266779091010045 mi / 1200 ft gain

Explore The Carillon Historical Park Museum

Picnic at the Sunrise Mountain Pavilion

Photograph Lago di Misurina

Mountain Bike at Brown County State Park

Climb Monte Garzon and Ring the Bell

3 mi / 836.6 ft gain

Photograph The Dolomites Near Misurina

Paddle Canoe Lake Loop in Algonquin

16 mi

Tour the Trabucchi D'Illasi Winery

Hike at Bill Yeck Park

3 mi / 177 ft gain

Photograph the Five Rivers Fountain of Lights


Kayak Pigeon Creek to Lake Michigan


Hike the Tranquil Bluff Trail on Mackinac Island

3 mi

Hike the Unicoi Lake Trail

1.9 mi

Hike the Adirondack Trail at Hills & Dales MetroPark

2.92 mi / 230 ft gain

Take a Stroll around the Pond at Delco Park


Swim at Buck Creek SP


Explore the Castello Di Illasi