Web Support Internship

Zeal Optics

Boulder, Colorado

The position of Web Support Internship for Zeal Optics will provide an opportunity to gain web design, development and marketing experience through a variety of activities aimed at growing the Zeal Optics Brand and online sales.

The core responsibilities of this role will be to work to support the fine tuning of zealoptics.com and its other sites, digital design, and overall support of the business to gain a better understanding of the way that Zeal Optics is run. As an intern the goals are to better understand and build skillsets that will be applicable in the future working environments.

The person will be responsible for communication through multiple avenues. Below is a description of the core responsibilities. They will report to the marketing executive team.


Core skillsets are proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Suite, Powerpoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, html, and other web languages.

The ideal candidate will:

  • have a strong understanding of building web-based applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • have a strong desire to experiment with new technology platforms
  • have an eye for elegant and modern design, the ability to tell good from bad
  • have the attention to detail necessary to translate static design files, wireframes, and rough prototypes into beautiful, usable web experiences.
  • be able to hit the ground running with limited direction.
  • juggle multiple initiative and change priorities on a dime while keeping the ball moving in lower priorities at the same time.

Pay: This is a paid internship with a max 40hr week, working 4-5 days a week min in the office.

Time: Spring – Fall 2016

WEB DESIGN This person will gain an understanding of ZEAL’s online infrastructure and handle tweaks, small updates, and ensure a cohesive user experience.

E-COMMERCE SUPPORT This person will also ensure that all product is up to date online and help develop and execute online sales strategies.

PR/SOCIAL MEDIA This person will be called upon to understand how the PR infrastructure influences both internal brand members and external consumers. The consumption of data and the understanding of planning will help this person to better achieve an understanding of how PR influences a brand. They will be working with the brand to create reports, present findings, pitch concepts and refine planning for the summer PR activations.

REPORTING This person will report directly to the marketing executive team and will be required to file weekly reports based on the specific projects they are working on. Detailed reporting is critical so that we are able to learn more about our current strategy and evaluate their progress. At times this person will work with many different members of the Zeal Team and ensuring a professional demeanor throughout is key to a successful summer internship.





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