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Nemo Equipment

Dover, New Hampshire

NEMO is a product-driven brand. Design and product development are at the heart of our business. We’re known for consistently innovative products and for bringing a lot of new ideas to market year after year. We’re looking for an experienced product developer to step into a senior role at NEMO and lead the way in refining our development processes and making sure we hit our key deadlines. We need someone with skills and experience as well as the drive and charisma to set the pace for the department and be a leader and role model. We have a unique environment here. We work as a very close-knit, collaborative team. We believe in nurturing talent and giving people an opportunity to show their full potential. The perfect person for this job will have obsessive attention to detail, and ability to manage complex projects, but also a strong creative side and an ability to contribute to brainstorming. No two days are the same at NEMO. If you thrive on teamwork, challenges, and problem solving and you’re hungry to be a big fish in a small pond, you could be the right person. Have you been itching to show people what you’re capable of? Tired of being a cog in a big machine and wanting to be able to point to products on the market with a sense of personal pride and ownership? We’re growing fast and new opportunities are always taking shape at NEMO. Joining us now is a rare opportunity to leave your mark not only on high quality, innovative products, but also on a company culture and an important brand in our industry. Our office is in an old textile mill in Dover, NH, about 20 minutes from a great surf spot, 15 minutes from historic Portsmouth and about an hour from the White Mountains. The cost of living is reasonable, we have top-notch school systems nearby, and access to cultural destinations like Boston, MA and Portland, ME. We recently relocated within the mill building to a beautiful space built to our specifications, with custom furniture and great natural light. Dogs are welcome. **Job Responsibilities:** * Take a leadership role in the design department, refining our processes, perfecting our development calendar, and driving the team forward to meet key development milestones. * Ensure NEMO product development supports brings to market products that accomplish our standards for quality, design, and innovation. * Communicate construction details, drawings, dimensions, and material specifications to vendors and suppliers. * Create the specification of products including Bill of Materials, costing, and dimensional data; record, track, communicate, and verify accurate specifications across all departments. * Maintain all records, design files, and samples associated with products. * Review prototypes, samples, and production for adherence to company quality, design, and execution targets; communicate revisions and changes to manufacturers in a clear, coherent, and efficient manner. * Plan and manage the product development timelines in alignment with company targets and goals. * Develop products that meet or exceed margin targets; work closely with vendors and Design to optimize construction details and materials to accomplish cost goals. * Facilitate intra-department communication between Sales, Marketing, Operations, and R&D. * Work closely with the Operations department to deliver a complete technical data package for each product; seamlessly transition products from development to production. * Establish quality standards and procedures based on detailed knowledge and insight of manufacturing process and construction details. * Establish and maintain best practices and methods for product development, stay abreast of software capabilities, emerging technologies, and development tools. * Continuously work with suppliers and manufacturers to advance new material development and construction methods. * Source and screen new domestic and international suppliers and manufacturers.


**Education/Experience:** Professional experience in product development is a must. Five or more years of relevant development experience and a broad knowledge of manufacturing techniques are preferred. **Skills:** * Proven track record of successful project management and knowledge of the product creation cycle. * Excellent written and oral communication; experience communicating with domestic and foreign manufacturers. * Creative problem solving to bring innovative solutions and construction to products. * Strong work ethic and ability to work independently under general direction; able to meaningfully add to group discussions and work sessions. * Able to thrive in a deadline driven environment, while managing multiple projects at once. * Able to develop long term strategy without becoming burdened by day to day objectives. * Adobe Creative Suite –intermediate to advanced Illustrator drawing skills for technical and construction detail sketches. * Proficiency in Microsoft Office; superhero-like powers in generating easy-to-read comprehensive spreadsheets. * Meticulously organized with an eagle eye for detecting small details and differences in both products and data; ability to spot red flags amongst a sea of numbers. * Excellent color perception and ability to detect slight color differences. * General working knowledge of materials and fabrics. * Strong working knowledge of manufacturing techniques and sewing construction methods. * Ability to use strong reasoning, discretion, and good judgment in making product decisions and establishing product development direction. **Additional Requirements:** * Domestic and international travel may be required several times per year for 1-2 weeks per trip to visit contract manufacturers and material suppliers in support of product development efforts. * Passionate about the outdoors, adventure, and conservation. * Position may require extended work hours prior to concept reviews, tech package handoffs, and other product creation milestones. In addition to a high energy, team-based open-space work environment, we offer great career potential and a competitive compensation and benefit package, including: Company sponsored 401(k) + Medical Insurance Employee Discounts on NEMO Products Paid Time Off and Flexible Scheduling When applying, please submit a cover letter and resume, and include the words “Product Developer” in the subject line of the email. Candidates that look to be a promising fit will be contacted as quickly as possible.





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