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Camps Kenwood and Evergreen

Wilmot, New Hampshire

Nestled on a picturesque, private lake surrounded by 200 acres of lush fields and forest in Wilmot, New Hampshire, brother/sister Camp Kenwood and Camp Evergreen provide the perfect setting for learning, growth, and fun! Our activities – like team sports, visual and performing arts, rock climbing, and water skiing – help our campers develop passions and skills for life. As an Instructor or Coach, you will: * Live in a bunk with children, aged from 7 to 15. Just two hours from Boston * Be a parent, coach, mentor, role model, and friend * You will take your group of children from activity to activity, performing the role of coach or assistant coach in a wide variety of sports and arts * Two overnight trips (a mountain hike and a canoe trip) and day trips (to beaches and caves) further add to the variety of this wonderful and diverse job. **What Will You Gain?** An opportunity at Kenwood and Evergreen far outreaches the usual outcomes that you would associate with a job at a summer camp opportunity to gain a formal certification in the following areas: Leadership, Communication, Collaboration, Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Creativity & Work Ethic and Responsibility, skill employers are actively looking for **More Details** * 5 days off and most of your nights will be free (3 hours approx). * Dates of employment are June 17th to August 14th (8 weeks). * 1 week of staff training and 7 weeks working with children. * Room, board, laundry and internet access is included. * Staff sports, trips, and movie nights all available in your free evenings.


* Enthusiastic, motivated, warm, friendly, caring individual. * Ability to communicate, with patience and clarity, with children and co-workers. * 19+ years of age. * A legal U.S. resident (we have filled our international quota for this particular position) **Preferred** * Experience of working with children. * Experience of coaching sports (baseball, basketball, softball, soccer and volleyball). * Studying for a degree in education. * Finished at least one year of college by June 2016





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Camps Kenwood and Evergreen