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Jhamil Bader

Student | IG: @Jhamil_Bader

We went around the first of August, got to sunrise late and had to scramble up the hillside to find our friends who got there earlier. There was a large blanket of clouds covering the mountain around 10:30pm, but we decided to wait till 12:30am and boy was it worth it! We got some great cloud action around the base of the mountain and the foreground and by about 2-3am the mountain was clearly out and the milky was was directly (vertical) above it. Such and incredible night. It was also rad seeing the climbers making their ascent up the mountain around 12:30-1am. Definitely a 5 start experience. P.S. bring warm clothes, it gets a lil nippy.

It's not my favorite Oregon waterfall, but it's still beautiful! a fun short hike to this pleasant falls and creek. as always, choose wisely when planning a trip to the gorge as it gets SUPER busy, especially during the summer months! weekdays (and early morning starts on weekends) are your friend.

This place is wonderful if you're looking for a short hike to a sunset viewpoint. The clouds hang over the hills almost like waves. Definitely one of the most unique Oregon sunsets I've seen all summer. It's also very family friendly.

Abiqua falls is one of the Oregon waterfalls that needs to be seen in person to truly be appreciated. The experience of actually being at the falls is far more grand than many of the pictures portray. while the road is rough (be careful with the car you bring) and the tourists are many, this one is well worth putting on an Oregon bucket list, or even returning to for a second, third, or even 4th visit!

One of my favorite falls in all of Oregon, looks amazing if you catch it during a foggy day as well!