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Jessica Simon

It’s a tricky hike, it’s hard to find, it’s a very fragile ecosystem, and it was a secret until people posted directions like this on public forums. Now this place has been crawling with out-of-place tourists fumbling around to find it, leaving trash and dropping their Covid masks, and many do find it since directions were posted, and now there are always people down there whereas it used to be a magical respite. Some things should be sacred. If you go and find it, PLEASE don’t post about it all over the internet, and don’t be shocked if you get stink eye from the locals. Above everything, please be gentle and leave no trace. High alpine wetland areas are really fragile and we will all lose access if we don’t respect the land. Another overly publicized hike in Telluride is being closed because people talked about it online and hundreds of people damaged the wetland trails by which it was accessed. No joke...too many people = trails being closed to everyone.