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Jessica Klop

I've done this hike twice now and still love it. It is pretty challenging but never gets old. Nice mellow trail past Fallen Leaf then steep up the switch backs to the first view of desolation wilderness! After that you'll have a few false peaks until you scramble a tiny bit up to the real one! Then you get a gorgeous view of fallen leaf and all of Lake Tahoe. Very fun day hike!

This is a great route. Heard the other way is straight up and down (but only 4 miles each way) so this is definitely the scenic route. The scramble is definitely difficult. Take it slow if you're still getting used to the altitude like I was because it is a quite ascent. But on the other side is a gorgeous open view of desolation and can't be beat. Started to late and were worried about time so we didn't completely summit but the view just below was amazing as well! Definitely recommend. Only problem with camping is the mosquitos!! Left there with tons of bites just walking through🙃

Absolutely beautiful during a misty/rainy day. It really brought out all of the colors. Makes the wooden bridges and dirt slippery at times but still very manageable (wear good shoes!). Started at the 1st lot and made the big loop around then wandered the trails around the picnic tables by the parking lot and found a place to hang the hammock! Crossing the road is a bit of a buzzkill but you barely notice it normally because it isn't very busy! Great waterfalls and a very well maintained park!

Beautiful trail and views from the tallest peak in the Tahoe basin. Perfect first 10,000 foot climb for me! The top is a breathtaking 360 degree view. The last mile is a 1000 ft climb so take it slow and turn around to enjoy the constant views of the lake!

One of my favorite peaks in Tahoe. Definitely intermediate hike but well worth the effort for the lakes, flowers, desolation wilderness, and the final view of Tahoe and Fallen Leaf lake from the top. Excellent full day adventure with a few false peaks but keep with it and the end view is worth it!

Lots a great scenery along the way with a gorgeous end at the lake perfectly surrounded by a mountain backdrop. Once you make it there it's a very chilly snowmelt lake perfect for cooling off your feet and having lunch before you descend!