Jenna Layne

Update 2018

I just hiked up to Jefferson Park (Aug 2018) - please note that the Whitewater Trailhead and trail are CLOSED indefinitely due to a fire last summer. I hiked up the South Breitenbush Trail #3375 and it was ROUGH - a steep, rocky trail climbing lots of elevation. But totally worth it. In order to get to the trailhead follow Hwy 46 and turn onto FR 4685 follow this road for about 4-5 miles and you will see a big parking area on the right. There are some other trailheads on this road that are a little confusing as they are called the "South Breitenbush Gorge Trails" DONT TAKE THESE ONES! Enjoy the gorgeous hike - its a butt kicker for sure. Be careful on the way down as the rocks are loose, ankle busters. I camped at Bays Lake and it was glorious. Happy trails!