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You're at the Grand Canyon, so it's almost impossible to find a bad campground. I've camped here multiple times over the years as a resident Phoenician. Get there early so you can beat the never ending influx of traffic. Enjoy the fresh air next to the "giant hole in the ground." Dog friendly too.

The wildflowers at Picacho Peak are beautiful, plus the hike is an experience on its own. Yellow wildflowers abound everywhere, so have your camera fully charged.

Lost Dutchman is one of my go-to places for wildflower photos. The Superstition Mountains as a backdrop certainly don't hurt! It's never a bad experience.

Like photographing a sunset FROM the watchtower, it's also nice to capture a sunrise or sunset OF the watchtower. It adds another element or viewpoint to the wide chasm beneath it that you obviously can't miss

Not only is a cool place on the Grand Canyon, it's kind of mandatory to view and capture a sunset from the watchtower. You'll find pictures of them everywhere on the internet, but everyone needs their own.

This spot is okay, but it's full of bros and college girls wearing perfume. The area is developing so much it's losing its desert feel. I'd leave it for the locals. Try somewhere in Papago Park (close by) instead. Great workout spot, however, if you're looking for a challenging run.

I'm from Phoenix, and this drive even impressed me with the number of saguaro cacti everywhere. It's even better if you can get out and do a hike, but the drive itself still gives you a decent idea of how much character the various saguaro cacti have in such large numbers

If you don't like crowds, stay far away. In the summer months of Arizona this is an incredibly busy place. There are so many other swimming holes in Sedona where you can enjoy the water and not have to worry about an e-coli infection, which is common in this park.

I wasn't impressed, so I went again, and again. Never really stuck with me. It's worth looking at though since it doesn't take much effort to walk up to it.

These are definitely Arizona's badlands. Easy and beautiful drive. If you're coming into Phoenix from northern New Mexico you should always take your time to make this drive since it's on your way.

I've hiked this trail so many times in the last two years I feel like I could go blindfolded. The views are aplenty, the water is beautiful, and if you go early you'll encounter wildlife. Keep your eyes open for bald eagles.

The Badlands offer so many short and unique hikes. This is one of them. You feel like you step thousands of years back into history because there are a number of peaks sticking straight out of the desert, but aren't technically monuments either. Watch out for rattlesnakes.

This is a beautiful trail any time of year. During the warmer months the water takes on different shades of blue and green. During the fall and winter months it becomes dark and rainy. Both offer terrific experiences of the area. I'd recommend this year round as a way to get away from the city but not have to drive for 2.5-3 hours

The hike itself was a solid workout. However, I didn't find it as enjoyable as I thought I would until I made it to Sandbeach Lake. It's gorgeous. A fun place to hang out and eat lunch. A lot of fun exploration too. It can get very cold up there, and if it's windy it can be brutal. Dress prepared for varied weather.

Deception Pass is a wonderful getaway if you live in the city of Seattle. The bridge itself is very PNW, and blends in well with the surrounding environment. You'll have more fun exploring than coming here to photograph the bridge.



The hike itself is pretty and not that difficult, which means it's full of people. I'd recommend going early; as early as 7am before the crowds fill up the parking lot and the hikers who play their music loud. For a cool experience go up there in the spring, too, when it's snow and the lake is still somewhat frozen over. I'll include photos to the adventure.

The Badlands in general feel like you leave earth, but I'd say this drive is the most scenic of the park. Take your time, don't be afraid to stop and get out of the car for photos (although you should watch for rattlesnakes). It's a beautiful drive during sunset, especially.

My girlfriend and I use Deception Pass as our go-to to get out of the city and just want to chill somewhere. The water is beautiful to look at no matter the time of year, and even though it is highly trafficked the North Beach Trail does allow you some peace and quiet.

Ever want to hike through a missile range in the middle of a desert? It's a strange juxtaposition to be hiking through one of the most beautiful sites in the country that needs to be shut down occasionally for missile testing. Spend plenty of time here, and like everywhere else make you see the light coming off the sand for either sunrise or sunset. It turns the place into a movie set.

One of my favorite spots to take in or photograph a sunrise. It's generally very quiet, the air and water is calm, and you can hear wildlife doing their thing. I had 3 deer walk across a shallow part of the lake underneath Rainier for a beautiful scene. You could hear their footsteps all the way across. Be ready though. Weather changes fast, so if you have clouds nearby I've had moments where I had to jump in my car to get to higher ground because they'll engulf the area and obstruct your view of Rainier completely.

I lived in Denver for a little over a year. My apartment faced the Front Range. Watching sunset every night over those mountains was not only a treasure, but a fulfilling experience. The light dances in the sky, off the clouds, and through storms. It's something everyone should see experience in their lifetime.

Jenny Lake campground was the most memorable camping experience of my life. Go early, as mentioned. I was at the campground by 5am waiting for someone to leave. Had planned to stay 2 nights, ended up staying a 3rd, would have stayed longer had I not made plans in Bozeman. The amount of wildlife I encountered was insane just at the campground (bear, elk, deer). It's also a 5 minute walk to Jenny Lake. It's tough to beat.



I went mid-summer in July, so the crowds should have been expected (pre-pandemic). While I liked the cave, I think I was underwhelmed because I visited Carlsbad Caverns less than a year before. The history of it is still fascinating. I actually found the rolling green hills outside of it on the drive in full of wildflowers and trees just as exciting. It was a strange juxtaposition because you're basically walking above the cave system you had no idea was there.

I hiked this trail to the saddle after watching sunrise at Reflection Lake. I'd recommend getting to the trailhead by 8am in order to secure parking. The hike itself is completely uphill on a gradual incline. A beginner could handle it, but expect to go slow if you're new to hiking. Otherwise, it's pretty easy to fly up. Don't forget to turn around regularly for tremendous views of Tahoma. In the early light it's gorgeous. Also, this trail has a section over the saddle that's beautiful to hike around when you're done climbing to the peak or just choose not to.