Jared BlitzExplorer

    Director of a Fitness & Rec Center in Seattle, WA. Photography and adventure enthusiast. Love to be outbound.

    Hike Wildcat Trail in Monument Valley

    3.2 mi

    Hike Lobo Canyon in the Channel Islands NP

    10 mi

    Hike the Prospect Trail in the Valley of Fire

    11 mi

    Photograph the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis de Assisi

    Explore Canyon Road

    Hike the Grand Slam in Pecos New Mexico

    7.5 mi / 600 ft gain

    Catch a sunset over the hills of Santa Fe

    Hike the West Park Loop Trail in Papago Park

    4 mi

    Photograph a Sunset from the North Rim Lodge

    0.5 mi

    Hike the South Pasture Loop Trail

    3.8 mi / 196 ft gain

    Hike the Glorieta Battlefield Trail

    2.25 mi / 500 ft gain

    Explore Fort Clatsop


    Hike the Alkali Flat Loop

    4.9 mi / 52 ft gain

    Tour the Left Hand Tunnel in the Carlsbad Caverns

    Hike the Lakes Trail Loop

    5 mi / 1300 ft gain

    Walk the Ancestral Sites Trail

    1.25 mi / 80 ft gain

    Sunset Hike the Cape Royal Trail

    0.6 mi

    Hike Point Imperial Trail

    4 mi

    Hike to Bright Angel Point on the Grand Canyon's North Rim

    0.5 mi

    Take in a Sunrise at Mt. Masada

    2.5 mi

    Walk the Blue Mesa Trail

    1 mi

    Catch a Sunset at Goldfield Ranch


    Hike the Skyline Loop in Mt. Rainier NP

    5.5 mi / 1700 ft gain

    Hike the Blue Forest Trail in Petrified Forest NP

    2.5 mi / 200 ft gain