With the deepest and lightest powder snow in the world, bamboo forest adventures, towering volcano peaks, and cities that host an astounding juxtaposition of ancient tradition and funky modern style, Japan is a traveler's dream. And of course, SUSHI!

Top Spots

Hike the Torii Gates to Mount Inari Peak

Fushimi-ku, Japan

4.9 mi / 750 ft gain

Explore the Sagano Bamboo Forest

Ukyō-ku, Japan


Explore the Nara Deer Park

Nara-shi, Japan


Hike to the Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park

Yamanouchi-machi, Japan

2 mi

Explore the Chureito Pagoda

Fujiyoshida-shi, Japan

2 mi / 500 ft gain

Explore Kakunodate Samurai Town

Senboku-shi, Japan

Hike to the Source of the Shinano River

Yamanashi, Japan

3.7 mi / 8120.1 ft gain

Climb Mt. Buko (武甲山)

Yokoze-machi, Japan

6.2 mi / 2578.7 ft gain

Hike the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Route

Tanabe-shi, Japan

47.8 mi / 8530.2 ft gain

Guides and stories

Powder, Ramen, and More Powder: Floating through Japan Winter 2019

Nick Lake

A Wacky Packed Ski Adventure in Japan

Marc Fryt

A Welcome into Winter Mountaineering on Japan's Mt. Aka-dake

Tiffany Fernyhough

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