Janet Cleary

Best Family Vacation 2018

Hands down the best family adventure ever! A once in a lifetime opportunity that needs to be taken!! Advise is to wait until your kids are old enough to manage themselves and their gear! Must be at least 8, but I would recommend maybe 11?! Also, so they will remember because it ain’t cheap, but totally worth it!! We used Canyoneers and they were incredible!! The motorized 47’ Pontoon Boat is the way to go for a fun, yet stress free rafting adventure! Also, only do the full 7 day trip through the entire canyon!! If you’re gonna do it, just DO IT!!! Our guides, Kolby, Jason, JJ, Sarah & Chris we’re amazing!! Kolby loves to hike, so we hiked the shit out of the Grand Canyon and it was awesome!!! I would suggest June cause it’s hot and less likely to rain! Ask me any questions about this adventure if you are apprehensive !! It’s amazing!!

Soo Beutiful

Went for a late morning hike on such a beautiful day today! There were a lot of people, but not a problem, plenty of path for everyone! We didn’t have grippers, would have been nice, but not a deal breaker! When we got to the falls, I actually did not feel comfortable sliding down the last bit of trail holding onto a rope for fear of falling the wrong way because I am a bit of a chicken! I was plenty close enough and glad I got to see this spectacular site in the snow! I will definitely come back in the summer! The road to the actual parking lot is still closed, so be prepared for a bit of a walk before even getting to the trail, but that’s what we were there for....a hike! Definitely go, I had no idea this beautiful falls was right under I-90 and I have driven over it hundreds of times!

about 5 years ago

Great family Day Hike

Just tough enough and just easy enough for the whole family to enjoy! Perfect distance too!