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Jana Murdock

It's a short hike but the waterfall is lovely! It's nice to cool off in on a hot summer day too.

I went when there were no leaves on the trees so it wasn't much to look at on the way up, but the view at the top is amazing. Definitely worth the trip.

It's basically a must if you attend BYU, but it's nothing spectacular. Lots and lots of steep switch backs! The view from the Y is nice though. There's absolutely no shade so make sure you are prepared for sun (unless of course you are hiking it at night).

Hiked this in May and saw lots of frogs, and even some snakes in the wetlands (from the safety of the boardwalk). The first part is shaded but the latter is not so be prepared for sun.

This hike is fun to do in the summer because you can cool off in the snow-melt water before heading back down. Definitely be careful around the waterfall as it's very slippery!

Super fun spot for kids. Be prepared for sand EVERYWHERE but tons of fun. Spent hours here as a kid. Especially nice in the summer in the evenings. The first part has lots of sticks and things in the sand so you have to watch out, but after a little bit you can take your shoes off without having to worry (and you'll want to take them off, the sand is super soft and your shoes will just be full of sand anyways!)

Pretty steep for the first part, just tons of switch backs, but not difficult. Starts getting more technical when you get to the chain sections, especially if there's traffic going to and from. The views are spectacular though! Very popular hike so catch it on a week day if you can.

Was looking for a nice long bike ride and this trail was the answer. Got in almost 40 miles since we did it out and back. Well kept and has some beautiful views.

A lovely trail that goes right by the tar river. There’s a couple spots people like to fish from along the river. Lots and lots of fireflies to see on summer nights! And you can even make it a loop if you go through ECU campus and a bit of town.

We love this out and back trail. The arch itself is cool but you can’t tell it’s an arch that well because it’s got rock pretty close behind it. Went here with friends and their small kids had no problems with this trail. It closes seasonally though so make sure you check before you go!

A nice hike along the river, muddy and a bit slippery in places (we went in March). You can find cute little newts in the “tide pools” along the river.

We love to go park at the Tandem Connection in Canonsburg (they have bike rentals, and perhaps more importantly, ice cream!) It’s located at mile 27 on the trail and is only a couple of miles from the National Tunnel (mile 25). There’s a lot of shaded stretches on the trail too so even in summer it’s not too hot.

We hiked this early in the morning in May, there were lots of little flowers and the fern leaves were just starting to come up. Definitely recommend going early if it’s a weekend. There’s lots of different paths to explore and we had a great time. Can be a little muddy in places!