Jacob Bernier


This place was very beautiful. very clear, one of the clearest I've seen so far in Florida. It has a cave to explore which is the best part of making this trip for any diver. Plenty to explore even for snorkelers by the river. You find some really cool rocks, marine life and more. A must go! Between Memorial Day and Labor day weekend they do close around 1 due to capacity. Make sure if you make the trip to be there at open. We showed up 30 minutes early from PC Florida just to make this trip. Definitely great for all ages!

Great place for family!

I took the family out here for the day. We went swimming at the falls, bring your snorkel and underwater camera because you will get good footage of the trout, fish and different types of rock and crawfish. It was awesome. Theres a trail that follows the river but if you have a sense of adventure as we do, we hiked the river itself. We all had a blast, and if your looking for something to do with the family for the day this is the place. We loved every moment being their with nobody in the world but us out their.

almost 2 years ago


I did the AT from newfounds gap and hiked to Charlie Bunyon. Most beautiful view! I howled as soon as I climbed the rock and you could hear the echo for miles lol. It was quite a hike, I wouldn't say it's good for children at all. Maybe for teens if they are active but certainly not any younger. Theres other ways to get there if you have children that you can do. The peace and quiet, birds chirping, bears foraging and I saw some wild boar which was awesome, it makes you realize what your missing out of life. I highly recommended doing this section if your the kind of person who loves to be out in the wild and loves to feel that beautiful energy.

Very Clear!

The water was amazingly clear! You could see everything from top to bottom 30 ft down. Freediving their was awesome, look out for the caves there, bring your scuba gear, there are trees down in the water from hurricane Michael, but you can work your way down into the cave easier by those downed trees. It was a awesome time and a great dive. Watch for turtles, snakes and big mouth bass if your snorkeling. Usually hiding in the roots of the trees in the water. The paddle their was also very nice and serene. We got to the springs from Cottonlanding, then left the springs and worked our way down 4 miles to the second drop off point. It was really nice, quiet, and you'll see the occasional alligator during certain seasons.

Very Nice Setup

I went with my Fiance to vortex to free dive and snorkel around. They had plenty of wildlife such a Koi Fish, Brim, Bass and Glow Minnows as well. The water was 68 degrees and it stays that way all year around. We camped out at the rest area near it, and got there very early and water felt warmer than outside lol. The cave I believe were man built, but were still very cool and pretty to see. Look out for eels if your down there! Their awesome! The freediving is pretty cool, alot to see if you know how and are able to. Overall it was great, I wish I would of brought the kids because it would of been a blast for them. There a bunch of slides and jumps into the springs.

Short but sweet

I took my family here for the weekend. Walked the whole trail and saw the waterfall and sinkholes. Learned a little history about the place. We went swimming for a bit at the swimming area and then set up camp for a couple nights. It's great for a day and night. We went off trail to make it more interesting.