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Michael, It's important to get your fact right before writing backpacking articles... 1. Camping is not allowed within a 1/4 mile of No Name Lake. 2. Rock cairns are considered structures which are prohibited in designated wilderness areas. They are removed by rangers. No one should count on cairns for direction or be building cairns in the first place. 3. This backpack takes place in the Three Sisters Wilderness and not once in your article did you spread the word about Leave No Trace or advocate that visitors act as stewards of the land and do their part to protect it. Articles like yours, that are not properly researched, end up creating tons of negative impacts and resource damage. Spreading misinformation has consequences. Next time, take care to read the rules and regulations and provide accurate information about the areas you are sending people to. This is my backyard and I want to keep it pristine for generations to come.