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Isaac Parsons

I love massive trees, sitting on the edge of a cliff, and chasing waterfalls! I reside in the Black Hills of South Dakota, which I think is a hidden gem in this amazing world.

Rock Climb at 1880 Wall

Keystone, South Dakota

0.1 mi / 150 ft gain

Photograph Hippie Hole in the Winter

Hippie Hole, South Dakota

0.3 mi / 200 ft gain

Camp at Hanna Campground

Lead, South Dakota

0.25 mi / 0 ft gain

Hike the King and Queen Trail at Palisades State Park

Garretson, South Dakota

0.5 mi / 80 ft gain

Ski Moonlight Peak

Greybull, Wyoming

2 mi / 900 ft gain

Camp at Castle Creek Campground

Hill City, South Dakota

0.25 mi / 0 ft gain

Camp at Black Fox Campground

Hill City, South Dakota

Hike the Custer Skywalk to Big Rock Observation Point

Custer, South Dakota

0.6 mi / 370 ft gain

Fly Fish French Creek

Custer, South Dakota

0.5 mi / 15 ft gain

Backpack the Teton Loop

Alta, Wyoming

34 mi / 7000 ft gain

Hike Iron Creek Trail #15

Keystone, South Dakota

2.4 mi / 200 ft gain

Bike the George S. Mickelson Trail

Deadwood, South Dakota

108.8 mi / 2300 ft gain

Summit Blacktooth Mountain

Buffalo, Wyoming

24 mi / 4000 ft gain

Hike Sunday Gulch Loop

Keystone, South Dakota

2.8 mi / 400 ft gain

Thompson Beach

Two Harbors, Minnesota

Explore Sheep Mountain Table

Scenic, South Dakota

4 mi / 200 ft gain

Fly Fish from the Rapid Creek Trailhead

Rapid City, South Dakota

2 mi

Hike the Stockade Lake Trail

Custer, South Dakota

1.2 mi / 500 ft gain

Hike Grace Coolidge Walk-In Area

Custer, South Dakota

6 mi / 150 ft gain

Dakota Point at Sheridan Lake via the North Trail

Rapid City, South Dakota

2.2 mi / 200 ft gain

Hike to Falling Rock Overlook

Rapid City, South Dakota

0.5 mi / 50 ft gain

Hike around Lookout Mountain

Spearfish, South Dakota

2.4 mi / 860 ft gain

Hike to Bomber Mountain

Big Horn County, Wyoming

22.8 mi / 3000 ft gain

Hike to Mt. Roosevelt Tower

Lead, South Dakota

0.8 mi / 160 ft gain