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Explore Bali the best way possible, on the water!

I’m your regular snow-bunny and I absolutely love nothing more than flying down a snowy slope in the dead of winter. But this time, I decided to swap out my ski jacket for a scuba suit. I’ve always wanted to deep sea dive but I was always a bit of a chicken - there’s something claustrophobic about trapping yourself under the ocean, many metres away from the surface. However, with the pandemic looming over our heads, I decided that life's too short to live within the limits we set ourselves. After all, what’s it they say about life starting outside of your comfort zone?

I booked a one way ticket, Indonesia-bound and jetted for the tropical island as fast as the plane could take me. I was craving some adventure. True enough, when I landed, adventure was waiting for me as I struggled to communicate. It took me about three hours before I could get a sim card, hire a car, and be on my way to the hotel.

The hotel I was staying at was right by the beach and I got a pretty good deal due to the Covid situation. I made sure to social distance at all times and sanitized not only myself, but everything around me (especially when I was on the plane). After spritzing sanitize all over my luggage, I unpacked and went for lunch. Adventure would have to wait until I got some food in me.

After that, I went to the beach and signed up for some diving courses that would take place over the next few days. Since there was nothing else to do, I went jet-skiing around the place to get an idea of what to expect. Feeling the wind in my face and the throttle roar under my hands was the best feeling I’ve had all year. I’ve forgotten the last time I felt so alive! When I returned my jetski, I had a little chat with the operators in broken English and a bit of broken Indonesian as well. They told me that if I really wanted to get my adrenaline pumping, I should try flyboarding or subwinging, or I could try the local Kratom, a proven energy booster similar to its namesake. 

To be honest, flyboarding didn’t seem that exciting. You’re basically hovering above a body of water. Where’s the danger in that? I decided to sign myself up for a subwing session and let me tell you - it was intense. 

Not only do you not have an oxygen tank, which runs the risk of you actually passing out while going full speed ahead, you could easily ram yourself head-first into a pile of junk or worse, coral. But the coolest thing was being able to power through the ocean like a dolphin. I could navigate my way around with the smallest adjustment made to the board. For a fleeting moment, the ocean didn’t look so scary and I felt like a mermaid.

My diving experience paled in comparison next to subwinging - I made sure to do it a couple more times before I checked out of the hotel and moved on to my next big adventure. Highly recommended for anyone looking to experience something out of the ordinary.

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