Hike or Ride to Stack Rock

9 Miles Round Trip - Out-and-Back Trail

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This 9-mile trail out-and-back to Stack Rock is great for a hike or mountain bike ride. You'll get the very best view of Boise and the surrounding valley as well as crisp, clean air at 5,200 feet.

The trail to Stack Rock is a well maintained path that generates a lot of attention due to its special destination. The famed rock overlooks the City of Trees and surrounding Treasure Valley. This trek is popular among locals because of its proximity to the city and its spectacular views.

Getting There

From Boise, take Bogus Basin Road 13.1 miles to a small parking area just off of the road to the left. The trail begins from this parking area and the path is easy to locate below. Don't worry about getting lost, the trail is well-marked along the 9-mile trek.

The Trail

The trail is wide and accommodates mountain bikers as well as hikers and trail runners. The terrain is mild and generally flat until about half a mile from the destination. This last stretch is steep but most definitely worth the sweat—as you approach the rock protruding form the trees, you get to see how big this thing actually is. The higher you climb, the better the view you receive from both sides of the rock. Be careful, though—there are gaps in the rocks and it's not recommended to climb unless you're confident you can get up AND down.

Autumn is the prime season for this hike because of the vibrant colors and crisp, clean air. Snowshoeing in the winter would also be an awesome adventure.


Rock Climbing
Mountain Biking


9 Miles
Out-and-Back Trail

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A Must Do

In the heat of the summer this is a perfect escape to hike in cooler temps and shade. However, fall is my favorite time of year with all the leaves changing.

Awesome hike, Better day hike than evening one

I started/parked around the 13 mile marker on bogus basin road. The route that I took was about 9 miles. I left my ridge-to-rivers map at home on accident so we ended up doing the entire Stack Rock loop. We left around 4:45pm from the truck and by the time we actually got to Stack Rock it was about 7:10pm. We were able to catch the sunset, but walked back in the dark. Luckily I brought a jacket and headlamp with me. Always a good idea when you are hiking a new area and trail. We ended up hiking back in about 1.5 hours and got back into Boise around 9:00pm. It was a relatively flat hike with very little climbing required. Great day hike and very easy for the family.

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