The Best Outdoor Activities in Idaho

Discover the best hiking, camping, backpacking, fitness, and more.

Explore Upper and Lower Mesa Falls

Idaho / Upper Mesa Falls Parking, Idaho

When two waterfalls have their own scenic byway, you know it is worth the additional stop.

1488 Saves

Camp at Rocky Canyon Hot Springs

Idaho / Middle Fork of the Payette River

Idaho is known for its pristine rivers and countless geothermal pools. The Rocky Canyon Hot Springs epitomizes both of these and will leave you begging to stay.

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Backpack to Sawtooth Lake

Idaho / Iron Creek Trailhead

Sawtooth Lake is "must-see" for Idaho hikers or any outdoor enthusiasts visiting the Sawtooth National Forest.

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Soak in Kirkham Hot Springs

Idaho / Kirkham Hot Springs / Kirkham Campground

Soaking in Kirkham is like soaking in a dream. Numerous geothermal springs of varying temperature await at the bottom of a small wooden staircase.

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Camp at Fall Creek Falls

Idaho / Fall Creek Falls

Just an hour outside of Jackson Hole, this waterfall is very easy to access. This is also a great spot to camp overnight if you are heading to the Grand Tetons National Park from the West Coast.

1185 Saves

Hike & Soak in Goldbug Hot Springs

Idaho / Goldbug Hot Springs Trailhead

Reaching the Goldbug Hot Springs trailhead is pretty straightforward. It is located South of Salmon, Idaho and north of Challis, Idaho. The turnoff is near mile marker 282 on highway 93.

1028 Saves

Hike the Craters of the Moon's Lava Tubes

Idaho / Caves Trailhead

Craters of the Moon National Monument in Southern Idaho is a vast ocean of lava flows, with scattered islands of cinder and splatter cones created by volcanic activity 15,000 years ago.

971 Saves

Photograph the Perrine Bridge and Perrine Coulee Falls

Idaho / Perrine Coulee Falls

About the Bridge: The Perrine Bridge near Twin Falls, Idaho is a famous landmark in the state and crosses the beautiful Snake River Canyon.

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Paddle on Stanley Lake

Idaho / Stanley Lake Inlet Campground

Stanley Lake is an Idaho alpine lake located at the base of the magnificent Sawtooth Mountains in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area.

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Explore Jump Creek Falls

Idaho / Jump Creek Falls Trail

Jump Creek Falls is an easy-to-access waterfall situated south of Marsing, Idaho. When you arrive to the parking lot right near the trailhead, you'll be starting at around 2600' elevation.

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Camp at the Coyote Yurts

Idaho / Coyote Yurts

The Coyote Yurts are a little known treasure within the Sawtooth National Forest.

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Hike Redfish Lake to Alpine Lake

Idaho / Redfish Inlet Trailhead

Just south of the beautiful town of Stanley, Idaho lays one of coolest lakes in the region: Redfish Lake.

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Hike or Ride to Stack Rock

Idaho / Stack Rock Trailhead

The trail to Stack Rock is a well maintained path that generates a lot of attention due to its special destination. The famed rock overlooks the City of Trees and surrounding Treasure Valley.

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Explore Shoshone Falls

Idaho / Shoshone Falls

From Highway 93 in Twin Falls turn east onto Falls Avenue. After two miles turn left onto Champlin Road and continue to the entrance of Shoshone Falls Park.

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Backpack to Alice Lake

Idaho / Tin Cup Traihead

Alice Lake is a must-see, jaw-dropping alpine lake in the Sawtooth Wilderness. Whether it's a day hike or a multiple night backpacking trip, it surely won't disappoint.

369 Saves

Soak in Pine Flats Hot Springs

Idaho / Pine Flats Campground

The secret is out about Idaho's plethora of hot springs... but this one truly is special. It's highlighted by a warm waterfall that pours into a pool on the banks of the Payette.

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Camp at Blue Lake

Idaho / Blue Lake Trailhead, Idaho

Blue Lake is a great spot to spend a night next to the lake but is also the perfect escape if you're looking to get away for just the day.

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Hike Mineral Ridge

Idaho / Mineral Ridge Trail

Wander through a classic Inland Northwest pine tree forest as you climb up to Mineral Ridge. At the top, explore historical Caribou Cabin and take the spur trail to the left to an abandoned mine.

348 Saves

Explore Kuna Caves, Idaho

Idaho / Kuna Caves, Idaho

To access the Kuna Caves, turn onto Kuna Cave Rd, then take a right on Black Cat Rd. Next turn left on an unmarked road - if you reach W. Dickman Rd you've gone too far.

343 Saves

Backpack to Marten and Kelly Lakes

Idaho / Flat Creek Rd Trailhead

The Sawtooth mountain range consists of hundreds, maybe thousands, of small, crystal clear lakes.

338 Saves

Hike the Bruneau Sand Dunes

Idaho / Bruneau Dunes

Set off from the Bruneau Lake parking lot and circumnavigate the lake in a clockwise direction. The hike traverses small rolling dunes before beginning it's ascent of the big dune.

330 Saves

Hike to Jennie Lake

Idaho / Jennie Lake Trail, Idaho

Perhaps one of the best beginner-esque lake hikes closest to Boise, making your way to Jennie Lake can either be packed-in overnight or and out-and-back day hike.

321 Saves

Explore the South Fork of the Boise River

Idaho / South Fork of the Boise River

In just over an hour, you can leave downtown Boise and arrive above Arrowrock Reservoir in a location so unique that you won't believe you're still in Idaho.

320 Saves

Hike to Shadow and Fern Falls

Idaho / Fern Falls and Shadow Falls Parking Area

See both Fern Falls, just 0.2 mile from the parking lot, and Shadow Falls (20-25 ft tall), a beautiful cascade among moss-covered rocks. A footbridge takes you behind the falls, as well.

319 Saves

Hike to Devil's Bedstead West

Idaho / Summit Creek Trail

Ski enthusiasts recognize Sun Valley for its notorious town and prestigious slopes.

318 Saves

Hike to Bloomington Lake

Idaho / Bloomington Lake

Bloomington Lake is deep in the mountains West of a small town called Bloomington. The road from the town to Bloomington Lake is a narrow dirt road.

307 Saves

Backpack to Saddleback Lakes

Idaho / Redfish Lake Lodge

The adventure starts taking a boat shuttle over between the north and south ends of Redfish Lake. The cost is $7.50 per person each way and is payable at the marina.

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Hike to Jerry Johnson Hot Springs

Idaho / Warm Spring Trailhead

Note: crampons and hiking poles are a necessity for navigating this trail in the winter months. The trail can be steep in some places and very icy.

287 Saves

Hike to Weir Creek Hot Springs

Idaho / Weir Creek Hot Springs Pull-Off

After parking at the trailhead, follow the well defined trail on the left side of Weir Creek for about half a mile. The trail passes multiple campsites that see heavy use.

282 Saves

Hike Coeur d'Alene's Tubbs Hill

Idaho / Tubbs Hill Trail

Looking for a short adventure hike on a road trip or a beach to hang out at for a weekend? Tubbs Hill features a 2 mile loop trail that winds along the shoreline of Lake Coeur d'Alene and through an.

275 Saves

Camp at Redfish Lake

Idaho / Redfish Lake Visitor Center

There are plenty of camping spots all within walking distance of the lake or the outlet stream. There are also tons of hikes in the surrounding Sawtooth Mountain Range.

266 Saves

Hike Tubb's Hill

Idaho / Tubbs Hill Trail

The trail begins at the base of Tubb's Hill, located just on the outskirts of the Coeur d'Alene Resort.

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Photograph the Sawtooth Mountains

Idaho / Sawtooth Viewpoint in Stanley, Idaho

The Sawtooths are best enjoyed from within them; hundreds of trails lead through the wilderness to amazing alpine lakes and to the top of mountain peaks.

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Soak in Burgdorf Hot Springs

Idaho / Burgdorf Hot Springs

Burgdorf, Idaho's backcountry oasis, features several rentable cabins located about 30 miles north of McCall.

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Hike to Sawtooth Lake

Idaho / Iron Creek Trailhead

The trail to Sawtooth Lake is a couple miles from Stanley at the Iron Creek Trailhead. The hike is ten miles round trip with an elevation gain of 1720 feet culminating in the legendary Sawtooth Lake .

203 Saves

Climb Mount Borah

Idaho / Borah Peak Trailhead

Rising high above the sage brush covered landscape, Mount Borah is the tallest mountain in Idaho and is referred to as the "roof of Idaho.

192 Saves

Hike to Goat Lake, Idaho

Idaho / Iron Creek Trailhead

This moderate hike begins at Iron Creek Trailhead in the Sawtooth Mountains. Follow the trail through the forest and alongside Iron Creek. At 1.

188 Saves

Hike "R" Mountain

Idaho / North Menan Butte Hike

The North Menan Butte, or "R" Mountain is a well-known landmark in southeast Idaho for its size and uniqueness.

181 Saves

Climb in Idaho's City Of Rocks

Idaho / City of Rocks

You could spend years in southern Idaho's City of Rocks and climb quality routes the entire time. There is something for everyone here, no matter your skill level or climbing preferences.

179 Saves

Hike to Beehive Lakes

Idaho / Beehive Lakes Trailhead

To get to the trailhead, drive north on highway 95 from Sandpoint and turn left onto Pack River Road near the gas station.

178 Saves

Visit Balanced Rock

Idaho / Balanced Rock Pull-Off

Balanced Rock is famous throughout the Magic Valley, and getting there is easy. A picnic table and turnoff on Castleford/Glenns Ferry Road allows you to park below the rock.

178 Saves

Backpack to Imogene Lake

Idaho / Hell Roaring Lake Trailhead

You will want to turn onto NF-209 off of highway 75, about 10 miles outside of Stanley, Idaho. You will then turn left onto 315, and you can either park at the lower or upper trail head for trail 097.

177 Saves

Hike the Rim of Bruneau Canyon

Idaho / Bruneau Canyon Overlook

From the small town of Bruneau turn east on Hot Springs Road (set odometer) and continue for 15.6 miles on a well maintained dirt road.

173 Saves

Winter Backpack on Mt. Roothaan

Idaho / Mt. Roothaan Trailhead

The Selkirk Mountains in northern Idaho don’t see nearly as many visitors as neighboring ranges in Washington and Montana, but it’s not for a lack of scenery and rugged backcountry. Mt.

171 Saves

Hike to Stevens Lakes

Idaho / Stevens Lakes, Idaho

To get to the trailhead, drive east on I-90 to Lookout Pass. Turn right into the pass parking lot and continue on the railroad grade dirt road for approximately 6 miles.

170 Saves

Hike to Loon Lake

Idaho / Chinook Campground

This pretty simple hike is just outside of Burgdorf, though it is fun enough that my friends and I hike it every year.

167 Saves

Hike to Kane Lake

Idaho / Kane Lake Trailhead

This hike into the Pioneer Mountain Range starts out in a small meadow near Kane Creek, which you will follow for nearly the whole hike.

166 Saves

Backpack to Cramer Lakes

Idaho / Redfish Inlet Trailhead

Before beginning this hike, you'll want to take the ferry from the Redfish Lake Lodge to the other side of the lake, where the trailhead is.

164 Saves

Ski or Snowshoe the Park Creek Trails

Idaho / Park Creek Trails Parking Area

Over Galena Summit, approximately 75 miles north of Ketchum, Park Creek is supported by Sawtooth Ski Club and the City of Stanley, Idaho.

158 Saves

Backpack the Alice Toxaway Loop

Idaho / Tin Cup Traihead

The Alice/Toxaway Loop is a standard loop in the Sawtooth Mountains, ID.  The basic route is around 20 miles and takes 2-3 days.

150 Saves

Hike Fishhook Creek

Idaho / Fishhook Creek Trailhead

This easy hike starts off from the dirt parking lot near Redfish Lake Lodge. Two small footpaths lead away from the far end of the parking lot crossing the road to the lodge just down to the left.

150 Saves

Backpack to Trail Creek Lakes

Idaho / Grandjean Trailhead

Based in Grandjean, one of the lesser utilized access points to the Sawtooth mountains, this trailhead is one of the most accessible in the range.

147 Saves

Hike to Thompson Peak

Idaho / Redfish Lake Trailhead

The Sawtooths are known for its craggy shapes protruding from central Idaho.

142 Saves

Ski to Redfish Lake

Idaho / Redfish Lake Winter Access

Park in the turnout west of Redfish Lake Road on Highway 75. The turnout is plowed to fit 10 to 15 cars. Walk over the bridge and turn right onto Redfish Lake Road.

130 Saves

Mountain Bike 'Around the Mountain' at Bogus Basin

Idaho / Bogus Basin

'Around the Mountain' is a local mountain bike favorite in Boise. To get there, head up Bogus Basin Road for the full 16 miles until you get to the ski parking lot.

128 Saves

Hike to Bench Lakes

Idaho / Fishhook Creek Trailhead

This hike is great for anyone wanting to experience a scenic trail and peaceful alpine lakes. The five Bench Lakes are a chain of lakes draining from Mt. Heyburn.

124 Saves

Hike to Norton Lakes

Idaho / Norton Lake Trailhead

Starting at the Norton Lakes trailhead, travel up into the mountains through pine forest, with several small stream crossings (if you're going early in the summer, be prepared to wade).

114 Saves

Hike along Palisades Creek

Idaho / Palisades Creek Nature Trail

The Palisades Creek Nature Trail is a fun little hike with many photographic opportunities.

110 Saves

Ski or Snowshoe to Stargaze Yurt

Idaho / Beaver Creek Summit Parking Lot

Gaze at the stars on a crisp night from one of Idaho Park & Rec's best backcountry yurts! Cook a meal in the middle of nowhere with all of the provided utensils.

103 Saves

Backpack Two Mouth Lakes

Idaho / Two Mouth Trailhead

Start at Two Mouth Trail #268 as it goes north along an old logging road. The trail then heads west following Peak Creek before bending back to the south.

103 Saves

Hike to the Top of Lower Mesa Falls

Idaho / Upper Mesa Falls Parking, Idaho

The Mesa Nature Trail begins on the dirt road to the Upper Mesa Falls overflow parking lot. The first mile of the trail is wide and smooth.

103 Saves

Hike to Bear Creek Lake

Idaho / Bear Creek Lake Trail

The trailhead starts at the end of an old jeep trail. If you are brave with your 4 wheel drive you can drive to here and cut 1.4 miles off your hike. My mile counting started at the trail head.

100 Saves

Hike to 4th of July Lake

Idaho / 4th of July Lake Trailhead

This is an easy, yet breathtakingly beautiful hike. After the fun adventure of the 10.2 mile extra bumpy dirt road to the trail head the hike in is simple.

99 Saves

Scramble up Cervidae Peak

Idaho / Cervidae Peak Trailhead

From the peak the views are limitless, a full 360 degrees of landmarks like Lucky Peak Reservoir.

98 Saves

Hike to Johnstone Pass

Idaho / Johnstone Pass Trailhead

Johnstone Pass is a diamond in a valley flush with hidden gems. Turn east onto East Fork Big Wood River Road from Highway 75.

97 Saves

Hike the Little City of Rocks

Idaho / Little City of Rocks Trailhead

Located near Gooding, Idaho, the Little City of Rocks provides endless wandering through volcanic ash hoodoos and sagebrush desert.

95 Saves

Photograph the Camas Lilies on the Camas Prairie

Idaho / Centennial Marsh Parking Area

Each spring the Camas Prairie comes alive with acres of vibrant Camas lilies. The bloom lasts from late May to mid-June.

94 Saves

Fly Around the Grand Teton

Idaho / Idaho Falls Airplane Hangar

Flying around the Grand Teton in Grand Teton National Park is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, especially at sunrise or sunset.

92 Saves

Rock Climbing at Post Falls

Idaho / Post Falls

From the parking lot on the far west side of Q'emiln Park, you will see a well established trail heading west.

92 Saves

Scramble Up Decker Peak

Idaho / Hell Roaring Lake Trailhead

This can be a day trip or, if you want to take your time and relax after the climb, backpack in and camp at Hell Roaring Lake on the night before and after the climb.

91 Saves

Hike to Roman Nose High Mountain Lakes

Idaho / Roman Nose Lakes

Your journey will start with a rural drive about 60 minutes from Sandpoint, ID. Once you hit the dirt road, hold on because its quite the bumpy drive (AWD vehicle is recommended).

89 Saves

Hike the Snake River Canyon to Pillar Falls

Idaho / Pillar Falls Trailhead

From Eastland Dr. in Twin Falls, turn right onto Pole Line Rd. to find a small dirt pulloff with room for only a handful of cars on the north side of the road.

88 Saves

Hike to Steel Lake

Idaho / Steel Lake Trailhead

Steel Mountain, which defines the highest point of the Boise National Forest, has the impressive qualities of its neighboring Sawtooths.

88 Saves

Snowshoe to Skyline Yurt

Idaho / Gold Fork Park N' Ski Lot

This is one of many great Idaho Parks & Rec backcountry yurts.

87 Saves

Hike the Pulaski Tunnel Trail

Idaho / Pulaski Tunnel Trailhead

Just outside of the town of Wallace, this trail is made for both the hiker and history buff alike. In 1910, the Northwest was experiencing one of the worst droughts on record.

87 Saves

Hike to Titus Lake

Idaho / Titus Lake Trailhead

This 3-mile round trip hike starts at above 8,000 feet, just shy of Galena Summit. If you have not yet adjusted to the mile-high altitude of Ketchum, prepare to be fairly winded throughout this walk.

86 Saves

Hike to Marshall Ridge

Idaho / Fishhook Creek Trailhead

Start your hike at the Fishhook Creek Trailhead by Redfish Lake. Park in the dirt parking lot across the street. Follow the trail (mostly flat) a few hundred feet to the first fork.

85 Saves

Hike the Harrison to Beehive Lake Lower Traverse

Idaho / Harrison Lake Trailhead

You will follow the Pack River Road no. 231 for about 21 miles until you reach the trailhead.

84 Saves

Hike to Hyndman Peak

Idaho / Hyndman Creek Trail

At 12,009 feet, Hyndman Peak is the ninth highest peak in Idaho and the tallest peak in the Pioneer Mountains. The hike to Hyndman Peak will take you up 5,000 feet in elevation over six miles.

80 Saves

Hike to Baker Lake

Idaho / Baker Lake Trailhead, Ketchum

From Baker Creek trailhead, head up the trail as it winds through pine forest and mountain meadows (if you time it right, this hike is ideal for seeing all kinds of wildflowers!).

73 Saves

Mountain Bike to the Petroglyphs at Wees Bar

Idaho / Swan Falls Dam Parking Lot

At Wees Bar, a remote area accessible only by bike or foot, explore hundreds of petroglyphs carved into glacial boulders by Native Americans 12,000 years ago.

73 Saves

Ski Lookout Pass

Idaho / Lookout Pass Ski & Recreation Area, Idaho

Climb the ridge and ski down to the valley into Montana. The views are amazing and we didn't see too many people out there since it's so close to the resort.

70 Saves

Hike through Draper Preserve

Idaho / Draper Preserve Parking Lot

Draper Preserve is a family friendly, dog friendly, photograph friendly hike accessible from the center of Hailey.

70 Saves

Photograph Redfish Lake at Dawn

Idaho / Redfish Lake Visitor Center

There are several good spots to photograph along the shore of Redfish Lake. The marina at Redfish Lake Lodge is a great viewpoint.

67 Saves

Backpack to Born Lakes

Idaho / 4th of July Lake Trailhead

Due to it's higher-than-average starting point, many backpackers use this trailhead to access the remote parts of the Boulder-White Cloud wilderness.

66 Saves

Hike to Big Fall Creek Falls

Idaho / Big Fall Creek Falls Trailhead and Camping

Access the trailhead for Big Fall Creek Falls via Trail Creek Road. From Sun Valley the road is typically passable for sedans but is prone to producing flat tires.

65 Saves

Hike the Oolite Interpretive Trail

Idaho / Oolite Interpretive Trail

The two to three car parking area is situated at about and elevation of 3000 feet. Situated 200 feet up the interpretive trail stand the oolite rock structures.

64 Saves

Hike the Mickinnick Trail

Idaho / Mckinnick Trailhead

The trailhead for this hike starts in a city park, so if you have dogs, they'll need to be on leash to start out.

63 Saves

Hike Along Silver Creek

Idaho / Silver Creek Visitor Center

From the intersection of Highways 75 and 20 drive east on Highway 20 for 7.3 miles. Turn right onto Kilpatrick Bridge Road and drive another 1.5 miles to the Silver Creek Preserve Visitor Center.

62 Saves

Hike to Upper Hazard Lake via Hard Creek

Idaho / Hard Creek Trailhead

Trail 169 starts out of a small campground off Hazard Lake road. To get to the trailhead, you leave paved roads for about 15 miles of travel on a gravel road, fit for any vehicle - no worries Prius.

61 Saves

Hike the Inferno Cone

Idaho / Inferno Cone Trailhead

To reach the parking lot at the Inferno Cone Trailhead enter the Craters of the Moon National Monument at the main entrance on the north side of the park off US Highway 26 and go approximately 1.

60 Saves

Hike to Sheep Lake

Idaho / Seven Devils Campground

DIRECTIONS TO THE TRAILHEAD: From US 95 just south of Riggins, turn west (left if northbound from Boise/McCall, right if southbound from Grangeville) onto the signed Seven Devils Road (FR 517).

58 Saves

Scenic Autumn Drive through Palisades Reservoir

Idaho / Palisades Reservoir

If you're heading to Grand Teton National Park from Idaho Falls and are looking to take the most scenic route, make sure to take US 26 E through Palisades Reservoir.

57 Saves

Hike Carbonate Mountain

Idaho / Carbonate Trailhead

Starting at 5,315ft elevation and ascending to 6,585ft, this short hike is a great way to see and experience Hailey, Idaho.

55 Saves

Hike Eagle Loop

Idaho / Eagle Loop Trailhead

This is a well-maintained trail that's fairly easy.

50 Saves

Explore Big Springs and Johnny Sack's Cabin

Idaho / Big Springs Trailhead

Big Springs is the headwaters of the Henry's Fork of the Snake River.

48 Saves

Hike the Pioneer Cabin Loop

Idaho / Pioneer Cabin Trailhead

The hike to Pioneer Cabin is a Sun Valley classic, combining incredible mountain views with fields of wildflowers and a steady climb. Begin the hike at the Pioneer Cabin Trailhead.

47 Saves

Hike to Lower Cedar Springs

Idaho / Lower Cedar Springs Trailhead

This is one of the easiest, yet scenically rewarding, hikes in the Lost River Range. Traveling only 1.2 miles (3.4 miles round trip) with an elevation gain of about 200 ft.

45 Saves

Climb Mt. Breitenbach

Idaho / Mount Breitenbach Trailhead

Directions to the "trailhead": From Mackay, Idaho take Highway 93, approximately 2 miles past Mackay reservoir, turn right on Upper Cedar Creek road (FS rd 127).

43 Saves

Hike from Stanley Lake to Bridalveil Falls

Idaho / Stanley Lake Trailhead

Bridalveil Falls [Video] The hike to the falls begins near Stanley Lake in a clearly marked trailhead parking lot (GPS coordinates below).

43 Saves

Backpack to Pioneer Yurt

Idaho / Hyndman Creek Trail

This trek starts about 25 minutes from Ketchum, Idaho at the Hyndman Creek Trailhead. As a general rule of thumb, Sun Valley is a great place to be in the fall, and this adventure is no different.

41 Saves

Mountain Bike at Corral Creek

Idaho / Trail Creek Trailhead

Park at the Trail Creek trailhead 2.5 miles north of Sun Valley. Pedal north and cross a wooden bridge over Trail Creek. Climb onto the bench and bike straight across toward the burned trees.

41 Saves

Hike the River Trail and Ranch Loop at Harriman State Park

Idaho / Harriman State Park Trailhead

Located at 6,100 feet above sea level, Harriman State Park (also called "the Ranch") is renown for it's fly fishing along the Henry's Fork.

40 Saves

Hike to Corbus Lake and Bald Mountain

Idaho / Corbus Lake Trailhead

Soon after driving past James Creek Summit while heading towards Atlanta, a sign with 'Corbus Lake' written on it should appear on the uphill side of the road.

39 Saves

Hike Mount McCaleb

Idaho / West Ridge Mount McCaleb

Mt. McCaleb's beautiful south face towers over the little town of Mackay, Idaho. The domineering peak is seen from US-93 just waiting to be climbed.

38 Saves

Hike to Prairie and Miner Lakes

Idaho / Prairie Creek Trailhead

The 7200' trailhead is suitable for any vehicle to arrival. In fact, this trail head may be the most suitable that I've seen in Idaho, with only a few miles on a gravel road.

36 Saves

Hike to the Shay Trestle

Idaho / Shay Switchback Parking

Mine Hill Tour is a self-guided driving tour focused on Mackay's mining history. Stops showcase artifacts of the once-vibrant towns that housed miners and their families.

35 Saves

Backpack to Through Surprise Valley to Lake 10148

Idaho / Fall Creek Trailhead

I have a hard time getting the word "legendary" out of my mind when referencing this hike. I liked it that much.

35 Saves

Hike to Packsaddle Lake

Idaho / Packsaddle Lake Trailhead

Directions to the lake: To get here, head North on Highway 20 as if you’re heading to St. Anthony. Then, take exit 339 towards Driggs on ID-33 E. Turn right onto 9th N for .5 miles.

34 Saves

Snowshoe Lake Cascade State Park

Idaho / Lake Cascade State Park

Lake Cascade sits at about 4700' above sea level, the starting point for this snowshoe (or light nordic skiing). To arrive, follow signs on hwy 55 in Cascade for Lake Cascade State Park.

34 Saves

Hike Mt. Jefferson and Lake Marie

Idaho / Sawtell Trailhead

This out-and-back hike to the highest point in the Centennial mountains of Idaho and Montana skirts the continental divide and provides stunning views of both states.  From U.S.

32 Saves

Cliff Jump & Swim at Dierkes Lake

Idaho / Dierkes Lake

Dierkes Lake is located in the same park as Shoshone Falls so the $3 per carload entrance fee allows you to see both amazing locations.

26 Saves

Hike the Tree Molds Trail

Idaho / Tree Molds Trailhead

The trail starts at the parking lot with bathrooms, bike rack and picnic table at the trailhead. Trailhead coordinates (43°25'40.5"N 113°32'55.

25 Saves

Bike the Loop Road at Craters of the Moon National Monument

Idaho / Craters of the Moon Visitor Center Parking

Biking Crater of the Moon National Monument's seven mile loop road provides an intimate experience through a wild landscape. Park at the Visitor's Center.

23 Saves

Snowshoe the River Ranch Loop in Harriman SP

Idaho / River Ranch Loop Parking

The River Ranch Loop trail is a great snowshoe trail for families or beginners, since it has relatively few small hills. The trail runs for about 2.5 miles.

18 Saves

Backcountry Ski on a Cinder Cone at Craters of the Moon

Idaho / Craters of the Moon Visitor Center Parking

Craters of the Moon National Monument is 1100 square miles of basalt lava and sagebrush. It looks like another planet: desolate in macro, beautiful in micro.

16 Saves

Whitewater Raft the Selway River

Idaho / Paradise Campground

The Selway is one of the original eight Wild and Scenic Rivers designated in 1968.

14 Saves

Hike Sherman Creek Trail #203

Idaho / Sherman Creek Trail #203

It's always (for me anyway) a good sign when the parking area at a trailhead is devoid of any other vehicles.

12 Saves

Photograph McGowan Peak & Stanley Lake at Sunrise

Idaho / Stanley Lake Overlook

McGowan Peak in the Sawtooths is breathtaking and the Stanley Lake Overlook is by far one of the best locations to photograph it at sunrise in the summer.

11 Saves

Camp at Last Chance Campground

Idaho / Last Chance Campground

Last Chance Campground is located in New Meadow, Idaho, and about 30 minutes away from the tourist town of McCall. It is a perfect location to get lost in nature, but still want to remain connected.

4 Saves

Raft the Middle Fork of the Salmon River

Idaho / Boundary Creek Campground and Raft Launch

If you're looking for an all-around start-to-finish epic adventure, rafting the Middle Fork of the Salmon River arguably checks off more boxes than any other trip in the world.

3 Saves

Rock Climb Trail Creek Road

Idaho / Little Fall Creek Road

This local gem is still in the works, as at the time of writing this there are only 5 TR routes and 1 sport route however the views are absolutely epic from the climbing area.

2 Saves