Huntley ALLEN

Park on the River

This National Park of course has amazing history and also has links to German Village (accessible off of Lawrence Road - near the SSLT Musgrove Preserve) where lived the economy providers for the fort - it seems like it truly was a sustainable village for a while; including its own German brewery ;). Despite all of the history, the site chosen along the Frederica River is a beautiful bend in the waterway (strategic for cannon balls into the sides of the boats of unwelcome visitors !) with sunset views west across the (salt) Marshes of Glynn (made famous by Sidney Lanier’s poem). If you get the opportunity to visit via water, you are in for a treat discovering the western edge of the island with nearby historic Ebo Landing on the Dunbar and jumping shrimp and fish, wandering crabs, and graceful dolphins all along the way!! To get involved even more with the preservation of similar but lesser known areas, go to/join Enjoy the waterways and history of this unique island and coastal region! 🌴🍊🍋🦋