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Hunter Hutchinson

There were TONS of people all over the trail and waiting to get a picture in the arch. Me and my buddies were just trying to get a nice hike in, but it was hard to enjoy our time with crowds all around us. The hike was easy, just a small uphill hike. Bring water and sunscreen for there is no shade and it's around a 2 mile out and back. I want to return not in tourist season.

This was by far the hardest incline I've ever seen. We came from Dallas, TX and tackled it the day after we arrived without acclimating. The climb took me 2 hours with a 50lb pack, but boy it was worth it. Great warm up for the rest of the climbs on the trip. The trails down are absolutely stunning and worth the climb all the way up. I do want to return soon.

I go here to get some trail time in. There aren't many place around here with both paved and unpaved. Some decently challenging trails in the heart of the preserve of you look hard enough. A river runs through the middle and is a nice place to cool off from the hot summer heat. From open fields to shaded forest it has a wide variety of terrains. Only 4 stars because you can still hear the city around you on the paved path.