The 'House Rules' are our guiding principles, as well as the values that we look for in partners, investors, and new team members.

  • 1Love the outdoors - If you don't, you might be at the wrong place.
  • 2Always be hustlin' - Hard work and preparation make up for a lot.
  • 3Be a team player - You'll need help at some point, why not return the favor in advance.
  • 4Be accountable - Own it like a boss.
  • 5Be passionate - Love what you do, it will make each day a lot better.
  • 6Stay humble, stay hungry - Don't dwell on past success, our true measure is based on what we do next.
  • 7Don't be afraid to fail - unless you're okay with admitting you're afraid to try.
  • 8Be curious, look for solutions - There will always be problems in a startup, we're looking for people who want to fix them.
  • 9Always put our members first.
  • 10Never quit - Persistence is the path to perseverance.