Holly Obray

Super fast and easy hike. Mostly shaded by the mountains and trees. Very pretty with the stream going down the mountain and little waterfall and a red bridge and cool petroglyphs! Easy to find them!

Not a very long hike, pretty easy most of the way. There is one park that is steep but it's really not that bad. Great place to take pictures! Cool to stand under!

This is an AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL adventure that you NEED to do while in the park. Bring water shoes, and a walking stick. It is usually shaded. Be safe!

Amazing view! Higher than Angels landing! I believe there are 2 trails to this place. One starts at the bottom and I hear it is steep, I took a different trail that was pretty much flat the whole way, there were a couple steep parts. Definitely worth the miles hiked though!!

Good Hike, First Little Bit Is All In The Sun And Then There Is More Shade As You Enter The Canyon More Because There Are More Trees. Wear Sunscreen. The Waterfall Is Beautiful Definitely Worth The Hot Hike. The Water Is Cold And Refreshing! Take A Lunch Up And Chill Up At The Waterfall For Little Bit.

The hike wasn't very long at all, you can do it in a half hour, pretty view at the top of Salt Lake City, would be nice to watch the sunset up there. Very popular hike.