Hoby Carson

Favorite nature thing to do in Vancouver

Grouse mountain always has something to do year round and is so beautiful. I could see Mt Hood from the wind farm observatory and watched some great shows one about lumberjacks and one looking at the birds of Canada. Both spectacular. The restaurant has all types of great food. A must do when going to Vancouver.


I learned of this place on YouTube video SundayFundays... they had cliff diving although nowadays it is pretty hard to do any cliff diving. I hiked from the dog park all the way into the main park which was quite a few miles and I loved every second of it. Great trails and beautiful nature definitely a must see if you love nature.

Beauty in Vancouver

It was a little expensive. Very beautiful scenes but there was a good amount of people. There is a canyon with a suspension bridge to the east that is free and was very beautiful as well.

Great teambuilding

Mt ellinor was an amazing hike. Very steep for just a couple miles if you drive to the upper trailhead. I saw mountain goats and a friendly chipmunk up at the top. It was a great trail that really makes you feel good summiting such a beautiful mountain.

Paradise in the City

Point defiance park has a multitude of great hiking trails. I had hiked there many times and each time you find something beautiful. The zoo is alright and a fun thing to do although sometimes I felt bad for the animals. Lastly, the beach there Owen Beach was a nice spot but it was very rocky so just expect that... all in all point defiance is an amazing experience in so many ways. I probably had adventures there at least 20 times while I lived in Washington over a two year time span.


I saw the most shades of blue as I was closer to God up on this gigantic volcano... I wanted to do more hiking but there was still a lot of snow cover in early June. Make sure you know the north entrance may be open or closed depending on weather conditions/snow cover so don’t be too set on getting in that way unless you check first. It was probably my favorite views I have ever seen anywhere...