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Listening To Sacred Sounds Backpacking In The Peruvian Andes


Look at the dark silhouette of the crouched mountains, look at their grace, their patience. And now, the fog creeping over, moving together, and still each tendril moving with a mind of its own.

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Hike Matanuska Glacier

Glacier View, Alaska

The glacier is adjacent to the Glenn Highway at milepost 101. Located about 93 miles northeast of Anchorage. There is a $20 entry fee where you can park your car and take a quick hike to the glacier.

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Hike up Flattop Mountain

Anchorage, Alaska

This moderate to difficult climb starts at 2200 feet and gets progressively difficult as you get closer to the top.

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Hike Costa Rica's Cerro Chato

San Carlos, Costa Rica

Hiking the Chato Volcano, or Cerro Chato, is the perfect way to get an incredible view of neighboring big brother, Arenal Volcano.

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Mellow Day at Waimea Bay

Haleiwa, Hawaii

If you're looking to get away from the summer crowds of Waikiki, you should consider heading to the North Shore.

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Paddle to Mokoli'i

Kaneohe, Hawaii

Mokoli'i, also known as Chinaman's Hat, is located off the coast of Kualoa Regional Park. You can swim, kayak, or SUP to the island.

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Visit Turtle Beach

Haleiwa, Hawaii

Laniakea beach or Lani’s, is a world-class surf break located on the North Shore.

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Hike the Catskill Mountains' Kaaterskill Falls

Haines Falls, New York

Although this is a super short hike, it is definitely a tough one! The quick, steep climb is totally worth it once you reach the 260 foot cascade and pool at the end.

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