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Hien Le

To see Cascade Falls, you need to do 4 things after entering Patapsco Park: 1) drive to the second parking lot of the Avalon Area. It is the smaller parking lot in an area where there are many picnic tables and a shelter near the stream. The road from park entrance to the Avalon Area deads end at this second lot. 2) Locate the Restroom. It is at the EXIT of the second parking lot. 3) Locate the entrance to the Cascade Falls trail. It is next to the right side of the restroom. 4) Walk uphill about 5-10 minutes and you will se the Cascade Falls. As another commenter wrote, it is hard to get on the right trail to go to the Cascade Falls. Fact is, if you take the wrong Cascade Trails head at the ENTRANCE of the second parking lot, you will walk uphill and downhill for miles before seeing the fall. Most folks just give up long before they get to the fall.