Hike to 'Akaka Falls

Hawaii Akaka Falls State Park

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Roundtrip: 0.3mi. Elevation gain: 75ft. Gorgeous wildlife and foliage. Easy trail. Breathtaking waterfalls.

Akaka Falls is a big tourist place so make sure to arrive early for parking! Definitely take the time to snap pictures, none of them will turn out bad.

From what I remember, the hike up wasn't bad at all. The majority of it was gravel or boardwalk, but be careful because Hawaii is humid, especially at higher elevations so the ground can become muddy or slippery. All in all, the trail is meant to be highly enjoyable, so it's not difficult. It was a stroll in the jungle.

The trail ends up looping back, but in the middle you reach the famous Akaka Fall reaching 442 feet tall. There's a fence because it's a huge drop-off, but there's ways to easily get around it so keep an eye on your children. It's refreshing to hear the crashing of the water so stay a little bit, take pictures and have a snack.

Getting There:
About ten miles north of Hilo town on Hwy. 19, turn mauka (uphill) on 'Akaka Falls Road (Hwy. 220). The turn is between the 13 and 14 mile markers along Hwy. 19. Drive a little more than three miles along the 'Akaka Falls Road as it travels uphill. The road dead-ends into the parking area for 'Akaka Falls State Park. The small lot fills up quickly.
Coordinate: 19°51′15″N 155°9′9″W

- $5 per car
- $1 per person

Pack List

  • Water
  • Bug spray
  • Camera!
  • Rain jacket just in case
  • Snacks
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How to Get There

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Beautiful Falls

Easy stroll through some cool, dense surrounding jungle, and then neat views of this tall beauty. Read up on Hawaiian legends about it. Makes it more special, I feel.

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There's a handful of things that pretty much sum me up: I'm 21, a mother to my crazy little 5-year-old boy, Enzo; and a student at the University of Washington, and I live for the outdoors. I grew up camping and studying botany and ecology (on a lower level of course) and I'm intrigued by everything nature! I may not have loads of cash to travel near and wide with pristine camping/camera equipment, nor do I have the time, but I try my best to get back to my roots and make more memories with my son and the people I meet on the way. Here's to many, many more adventures and cheers to nature and it's bonding magic!


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