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Hawaii Laniakea

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    Autumn, Winter

Easy Parking
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You're almost guaranteed to see turtles with easy access to the beach and plenty of parking. It's also a really amazing wave during the winter season.

Laniakea beach or Lani’s, is a world-class surf break located on the North Shore. It is also referred to as “Turtle beach”, because this natural sanctuary attracts so many of the endangered Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle or “Honu”...making this the perfect place to see a few up close.

If you're driving toward Waimea Bay, Laniakea is the first beach you'll see on your left. You can't miss it - there are always a bunch of cars parked along the road. Find a spot, cruise down the long beach for a bit, and post up for the day. During a winter north swell, the waves can get pretty amazing. If you're interested in checking out the turtles, head to the north end of the beach where there is a protected cove.

Please be sure to respect the turtles, and give them their space. Please don't touch, feed or alter the turtles natural behavior in any way. To learn more, click here and here

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Lani's is a decent surf spot and notorious for tourist taking pictures with turtles. Nothing wrong with snapping some pics but please do not disturb the turtles while they are on shore. Turtles come to shore to rest and sometimes to lay their eggs. Touching a turtle and disturbing them while at rest is technically illegal and definitely frowned upon. Also, please be careful while crossing the street. Traffic is always held up around Lanis because of people frequently crossing the street to get to the beach. Just make sure cars going both ways see you before you cross as there are no nearby pedestrian crosswalks or traffic lights. The north shore has a ton of awesome beaches that don't require crossing a busy street and are not nearly as crowded.

5 months ago
5 months ago

If it's a nice day, be prepared for the crowds, but you'll definitely see the most peaceful and amazing turtles!!! Bring a camera and some snacks.

8 months ago
8 months ago

Erik HolmesExplorer

Hawai'i based: Mathematical graduate student, enthusiastic photographer, passionate adventurer (roughly in that order)...

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