Gustavo QuirosExplorer

loved it

This hike was a must in Telluride and the Falls were amazing

Fun Hike with great views

Did this hike with a group of friends and we had a blast

Views are awesome

The views are great but because of how easy it is to access you will also see a lot of people

Awesome Drive

So many places to see along this one scenic road

One of my favorite hikes

I went here for a day hike with a couple of friends and we had the best time. The views were gorgeous the sunset spectacular and the night hike was out of this world. Definitely recommend this hike!

One of the most fantastic places I've seen

this adventure was awesome! From seeing the steall Falls in the distance to crossing the cable bridge this was an adventure I will never forget

Awesome place for photos

This was a pretty cool adventure but the photos you can get here make it seem even more awesome.

Be prepared for a lot of people

This site is one of the most amazing places i have ever seen, the unique geology with the location is incredible. Although it can become extremely crowded with people this is a place you should not pass up. Due to the volume of people getting the perfect photo here might be difficult but its nothing a little photoshop can't fix.

Iconic view

This spot is great for that cliche photo that everyone must have, but for good reason, the view is magnificent and if you are seeing it at golden hour its even more stunning. The only real issue is that because of its easy accessibility there are always a lot of people, but if you wait until after sunset then you will only have photographers trying to photograph the night sky, assuming you are trying to do the same.

This place is awesome and out of this world

We only spent a couple of hours here but I would definitely come back to camp over night and stargaze. The roc formations are amazing and all the little nooks and crannies you could explore is kind of overwhelming. Never the less this is somewhere everyone should check out at least once

Spend some time at the waterfalls

This hike on a hot day can be wonderful once you make it to the waterfalls and jump in, the water is ice cold but totally worth it!

Try to get in with Ticos

This a a great hike and scenic view if the clouds aren't blocking the crater. The entrance fee for anyone who is not Tico (Costa Rican) is about $15 but if you could go with some costa rican friends and have them drive up to the pay window while you sit in the back not looking suspicious they will charge you as a local (about $3). I know from experience, give it a try.

One of the most beautiful beaches in CA

We came here for sunrise and the quality of light filtering into the sea caves was stunning. this beach is truly beautiful and i would visit again in a heartbeat.

Great park

Though the park was great the hall of mosses seemed a little less amazing with everyone walking through, also the day we went on was sunny took away from the atmosphere. i would of loved to visit on a cloudy or foggy day.

Beautiful Place!

This was one of my favorite locations on our 2016 road trip. you could look around for hours and never get bored. Unfortunately we went to see Duckbill rock and it had been destroyed without us knowing, all aside this place was gorgeous.

Really cool place to hang out

This location is right off the road but there aren't as many people as you would think lingering. its a nice walk and checking out the pools is a must

One of my favorites

I live right down the road from here and every chance i get i will go and watch sunset or just take in the view. also a really great place for a short walk

The Best

Climbed this mountain a couple years back with the guys and we had a blast! we camped out near Bear Brook Group campsite and hiked the next morning. Knife Edge was foggy that day and it felt like we were on another planet. One of my favorite trips of all time.

Awesome Views

This hike was so much fun and the views were amazing, climbing the ladders on the side of the mountain was a cool new experience and made it more of an adventure

Loved it!

Spent the night in the car and waited for Sunrise the next morning. This is something very New Englander must do at least once. Acadia NP is also loads of fun to explore

Cool Place

There are various caves you can explore in this area with few people, definitely worth checking out, right off of 101

Amazing Place

This place is one of the most amazing places I've ever been but the amount of people flowing through these canyons was more than i was expecting. I think everyone should be aware as to just how many people actually visit Antelope Canyon, it might change your mind.

Awesome Experience!

the hike was fairly easy for something that will give you spectacular photographs. although there were many people when we went, it made the experience a little more fun. almost like we all shared the experience together. the water was freezing cold but totally fun. nothing like looking up those mossy canyon walls.

Wish we camped out here

This is a great hike (a little miserable in the rain) but totally worth it once you arrive at the campsite and beach. We spent several hours photographing and exploring the beach. Next time we go we will camp for sure. Also on a side note GoPro's commercial for the hero 5 shows someone walking on a slack line at Shi Shi beach, for those that have been here