Photographer based in New England Loves Roadtrips, Beer, and Donuts

Take in the View at Kinnoull Hill, Scotland

29 Saves

Explore Balnakeil Beach, Scotland

35 Saves

Hike to the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye

53 Saves

Hike the Hermitage, Scotland

21 Saves

Visit The Three Sisters in Glencoe, Scotland

94 Saves

Night Photography at Devil's Gate, Lost Coast

76 Saves

Hike the Hellcat Dunes Trail

177 Saves

Relax at Sand Beach, Acadia National Park

110 Saves

Hike the Purgatory Chasm Trail

350 Saves

Take a Stroll at Fyfeshire Conservation Area

55 Saves

Summit Mt. Wachusett via the West Side Trail

113 Saves

Hike Golden Canyon, Death Valley

114 Saves

Hike the Blackstone Gorge Trail

126 Saves

Explore Ravens Nest, Schoodic Peninsula

40 Saves

Hike to Spiral Point (Yin Yang), Snowmass

37 Saves

Photograph the Milky Way on Independence Pass

40 Saves

Hike the March Cataract Falls Trail

118 Saves

Explore Skyline Caverns

46 Saves

Explore the Shenandoah Caverns

72 Saves

Hike Dumyat, Scotland

21 Saves

Hike along the Nashua River and the Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge

44 Saves

Hike the Mayfly Trail, Snowmass

23 Saves

Photograph Lewis Falls, Yellowstone NP

123 Saves

Hike Mt. Greylock via Money Brook Trail

77 Saves

Summit Mount Watatic via the Wapack Trail

59 Saves

Dispersed Camp near Beaver Creek Group Camp, Mt. Baker Snoqualmie NF

52 Saves

Explore Smoo Cave, Scotland

45 Saves

Hike Cardigan Mountain via the West Ridge Trail

51 Saves

Relax in Punta Leona, Costa Rica

28 Saves

Relax at Playa Conchal, Costa Rica

32 Saves

Hike the Pratt's Brook Conservation Area Loop

78 Saves

Hike Natural Bridge, Death Valley

1 Saves

Photograph El Matador State Beach for sunrise

1 Saves

Photographing Oneonta Gorge

1 Saves