Zakinthos, Greece

Hike to Shipwreck Beach View Point

0.5 Miles Total - 0 ft gain - Out-and-Back Trail

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Sheer limestone cliffs dropping into a white sand beach with a historic shipwreck surrounded by the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea, earns Naviago Beach a spot on the "Top Ten Beaches in the World" list year after year.

People travel to the island of Zakynthos solely to see the beautiful views of Shipwreck Beach. The water is a blue color you never knew existed and is worth the hype and more. The view from the top is my personal favorite but you can also take a boat trip to the beach from May - September. The only way to access the beach is by boat. The whole island of Zakynthos is fueled off of this attraction and there are dozens of boat trips that visit the beach every day. I would recommend the overlook for a more picturesque and less crowded experience.

History Lesson: Back in the day, Greek authorities were tipped that a freight liner carrying cigarettes, wine, and more was passing by the island. & the chase began! What a classic pirate tale. The ship was cornered, washed up into this sandy cove and abandoned. Now thousands of tourists come to this cove to see the amazing shipwreck and swim in the crystal clear waters.

How to Get There: The closest city to the attraction is Volimes. From there follow signs for 'Naviago' for about 3 miles. You should be driving west along a windy road. On the way, you'll see tons of Greek people selling honey, olive oil, wine and olives along the side of the road. You'll know when you're there when you arrive at the cliffs edge with a parking area.

Pro Tip: There are several look out points but the best pictures are from a spot that's a short hike to the right of the overlook area. This short hike is along the cliffs edge so be extremely cautious. Definitely recommended for a full view of the beach and shipwreck.

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