23 Epic Mountain Peak Hikes


Climbing to the top of a mountain just feels good.

To reach the summit of a mountain, you might think you need to be some sort of mountaineering badass or at least have some intense gear. For some mountains, you'd be right. However, there are plenty of peaks out there that you could easily hike to in just a few hours and barely work up an appetite. We've put together a list of 23 epic mountain peaks that range from multi-day treks to 2 mile round trip hikes that you could knock out after work. Regardless of the elevation at the peak, standing at the top of a mountain is epic, so take a look at our list and decide which peak you'll bag next.

1. Kaleetan Peak, Washington

9 miles roundtrip | 6,260 ft. | Learn more.

Photo: Scott Kranz

2. Battle Ax Mountain, Oregon

5 miles roundtrip | 5,558 ft. | Learn more.

Photo: Jeffrey Green

3. The Pfeifferhorn, Utah

9 miles roundtrip | 11,325 ft. | Learn more.

Photo: Conor Barry

4. Panorama Ridge, British Columbia

18.8 miles roundtrip | 6,998 ft. | Learn more.

Photo: Matt Hosford

5. Mt. Whitney, California

22 miles roundtrip | 14,500 ft. | Learn more.

Photo: Gregg Boydston

6. La Plata Peak, Colorado

9.25 miles roundtrip | 14,336 ft. | Learn more.

Photo: Mike Fennell

7. Scramble the Ten Peaks via the Perren Route, Alberta

4.3 miles roundtrip | 10,010 ft. (Mt. Perren) | Learn more.

Photo: Matt Ford

8. North Maroon, Colorado

9.25 miles roundtrip | 14,019 ft. | Learn more.

Photo: Kyle Frost

9. Mt. Ellinor, Washington

3.2 - 7.2 miles roundtrip | 5,951 ft. | Learn more.

Photo: Nick Lake

10. Beehive Peak, Montana

5 miles roundtrip | 10,742 ft. | Learn more.

Photo: Seth Langbauer

11. Shortoff Mountain, North Carolina

9.25 miles roundtrip | 3,000 ft. | Learn more.

Photo: Justin Costner

12. Lake Peak, New Mexico

6.7 miles roundtrip | 12,409 ft. | Learn more.

Photo: Gemina Garland-Lewis

13. Summit Camel’s Hump, Vermont

6.8 miles roundtrip | 4,081 ft. | Learn more.

Photo: Shannon Kalahan

14. Mt. Rainier, Washington

14.8 miles roundtrip | 14,411 ft. | Learn more.

Photo: Bernini Ngo

15. South and Middle Tetons, Wyoming

20 miles roundtrip | 12,804’ (Middle) and 12,514’ (South) ft. | Learn more.

Photo: Greg Owens

16. Torrey's Peak, Colorado

6.75 miles roundtrip | 14,275 ft. | Learn more.

Photo: Jeff Richards

17. Mount Borah, Idaho

7.5 miles roundtrip | 12,667 ft. | Learn more.

Photo: Chris Bruin

18. Olomana, Hawai’i

5 miles roundtrip | 1,644 ft. | Learn more.

Photo: Leonard S. Jacobs

19. Windtower Mountain, Alberta

6.25 miles roundtrip | 7,906 ft. | Learn more.

Photo: James Hueser

20. Hyalite Peak, Montana

15 miles roundtrip | 10,299 ft. | Learn more.

Photo: Seth Langbauer

21. Goodnow Mountain, New York

3.9 miles roundtrip | 2,690 ft. | Learn more.

Photo: Timothy Behuniak

22. Mt. Sneffels, Colorado

2 miles roundtrip | 14,150 ft. | Learn more.

Photo: Greg Owens

23. Mt. Hood, Oregon

11 miles roundtrip | 10,157 ft. | Learn more.

Photo: Jeffrey Green

Cover photo: Kyle Frost

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Published: September 9, 2015

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