Grant Koehn

I Love Hiking This Trail Every Year. It Is A Great Hike All And All When There Are Few People Around. It Is A Popular Trail And That Is Ok But You Have To Find Your Way Threw Crowds. If You Like Stairs This Is A Good Place To Go There Is Some On Your Way Up And You Obviously Climb Some When You Go Up To The Tower. When You Get Up There The View Is Great. It Like You Are At The Top Of The World You Can See Everything For Hundreds Of Miles. When You Get To The Top And Once You Are Done At The Tower You Can Go To The Rocks On The Other Side And Rock Climb. You Don't Need Anything For The Rock Climbing It Is Pretty Easy. There Are Very Few Technical Parts Unless You Make Them Technical. So Over All I Loved The Hike And I Encourage Anyone to Try It.

Devils Head Hike